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Rikazai is specialized in manufacturing high-quality thin foils that are famous in the industry.

This is a precision ultra-thin rolled foil manufacturer that produces metal foil with a thickness of 0.1 mm or less, which is not found in JIS, especially micron-scale thin rolled foil. Our products are used in all fields, including aerospace, industrial machinery, semiconductors, and electronics.

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Features of our company
Rikazai is specialized in the production of thin foils that are famous in the industry. 
 - Procurement of materials domestic and overseas
- Manufacturing of various metal foils by cold rolling
- Coordination with various secondary processing manufacturers capable of thin foil processing
We support everything. 

The following are our processing specifications and target products: 

Thickness: 0.001 to 1.0mm
Tolerance: Standard product is thick plate ± 10%
Special tolerance: Depends on the specifications, we have a track record of ± 2% or less. 
Size: Width: 3 to 120mm, Length: 3 to 400mm

- Titanium
Pure titanium/ niobium-titanium, titanium nickel
- Aluminum
Pure aluminum/ aluminum alloy
- Iron
Electromagnetic soft iron/ various stainless steel/ non-magnetic stainless steel
- Nickel/ Cobalt
Nickel, Nickel chrome, Invar, Monel, Inconel , Hastelloy, Beryllium nickel, Cobalt, Kovar
- Copper
Pure copper, Phosphor bronze, Brass, German silver, Beryllium copper, Constantan
- Others
Tantalum, molybdenum, magnesium, vanadium, gold, silver, platinum, tin, zinc, niobium, palladium, various brazing materials
Nickel titanium (Ti-Ni) alloy foil
■ Development background and purpose
We have received production requests from Western researchers for a few years. However, it was a difficult task for us. We therefore began development and trial production by fusing our foil master technology with technical guidance provided by the Tokyo Institute of Technology in May 2018. 
We would like to provide new foils with our specifications for researchers and developers in various industries, and expand into new industries. 

■ Features and differentiation
Nickel-titanium foil with a thickness of less than 76 μm is not available in the world. For this reason, we are targeting 5-50 μm. 

■ Social significance
We would like to utilize shape memory properties, super-elastic properties as the high functional properties of nickel-titanium foil. We believe that we can contribute to society in various fields, including medicine, robots, aerospace, next-generation vehicles, and batteries. 

We are evaluating difficult temperature control properties and various characteristics. In the future, we will sort out needs specifications and provide products that are unprecedented in the world.
Pure magnesium (Mg) foil
We are launching a manufacturing process with a thickness of 2-10 μm using pure magnesium foil. 
We would like to be involved in various fields, such as electromagnetic shielding, vibration damping, and medical applications that utilize the high-performance properties of magnesium.
Niobium titanium (Nb-Ti) foil
As a superconducting material, we have delivered the foil to research institutes, such as Tsukuba. The foil has been used as a magnetic shield and wiring materials for foils. 
Although it has been used in special environments, we believe that there will be a future need for this material.
Rikazai tape and Rikazai seal
By combining the nail metal seal that was being promoted in-house with the use of metal foil tape, which is often requested by researchers, we have commercialized the “Rikazai Tape and Rikazai Seal” that can adhere to metal foil.
About various types of secondary processing
There are very few manufacturers that can process thin foils, and we place importance on cooperation with partner companies, such as laser processing, etching, pressing, and polishing.



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