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WI-US: wireless communication under any circumstances via patented ultrasound signal. Relevant in constrained environments (explosive, humid, electro sensitive, secure) for data transfer, authentication, geolocation, measure.

Exchange data without wiring where radio waves doesn't work. Easier and cheaper to install and to maintain.
Universal, secure, safe, Wi-Us ultrasound goes trough any existing device with speaker and microphone via our iOS and android SDK. 
Only one in the world to do multiplexing in a robust way, up to 80m. Works without connection.
Perfect to connect with IoT, to pair devices, for remote control, to send procedures, to do virtual beaconing.

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Sales Pitch

Secure wireless communication
Wi-Us, wireless communication via ultrasound
Where radio waves doesn't work, stop wiring. Use Wi-Us, exclusive ultrasound technology.
It's secure an safe to send data on the air.
Relevant for data transfer, pairing, authentication, geolocation, measure.
Wi-Us is the only one to do multiplexing and to work  up to 80m.
NSWEIGHT, load estimation
Just install NSWEIGHT under a truck to get overload alarms, consumption calculation, goods protection.
NSWEIGHT measures distance to the road to estimate the load and send data by Bluetooth to a smartphone or a tablet inside the truck. Then you can monitor activity via an online platform.
Easy to install, NSWEIGHT is the cheapest way to secure the load of a truck and precisely calculate consumption.
HBEACON, hybrid beacon with ultrasound and Bluetooth
Self powered beacon with Bluetooh technology for proximity detection and ultrasound technology to easily create interaction zones.
Ultrasound matchs the place and stay between walls and glasses to create exact interaction zones without triangulation.
No radio waves means no interference with existing devices.


DOC Stimshop_WiUs_GB.pdf

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[Company strength]
Team is composed with worldwide experts in their domain: signal processing, acoustic, IoT.
Exclusive patented ultrasound technology.
[Sales Pitch]
We patented an exclusive ultrasound technology that goes through any speaker and created Wi-Us, a new wireless communication technology via ultrasound. It's relevant whenever radio frequencies doesn't work or are not welcome: explosive environments, humid, electrosensitive, ultra secure. We started with presence detection for Retail (Fnac, Decathlon, Klépierre). And now work for authentification, geolocation, wireless data transfer, silent communication with EDF, TOTAL, AIRBUS, Worldline. Our partners are TomTom Telematics, Orange Business Services and Open Groupe.

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