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Endless horizon of materials

Pioneering an innovative graphene form, Carbon Waters offers the industry to develop materials with enhanced and monitored performances.

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Our Main Applications
1 - Material resistance 

Description :
Graphene Barrier Effects : thanks to its inertness and its high aspect ratio, graphene shows barrier-enhancing properties. Fully exfoliated and unmodified Carbon Waters’ graphene is a perfect product to have access to an optimal barrier effect on moisture, oxygen or temperature.  

Différenciation :
•	REACH compatible
•	High Performance protection and low weight
•	Safe and easy application on any material
•	Long-terme reliability
2 - Thermal Management 

Description :
Graphene is an excellent heat conductor and several studies have found it to have a huge at the micrometer scale. Fully exfoliated graphene such as Carbon Waters’ graphene exhibits the best thermal management properties outperforming even the best materials.
Since multiple parameters (the number of layers, the degree of functionalization, the type of surfaces and the post- or pre- treatments) have a major impact on the thermal management efficiency, we propose specifically designed solutions according to the need of our customers. 

Différenciation :
•	Enhanced semi-conductor reliability
•	Smaller and lighter electronics
•	Flexible printed electronics
3 - Metal Substitution 

Description :
Carbon Waters’ graphene dispersions exhibit an excellent stability and a high electric conductivity (at least 10 times more than traditional graphene nanoplatelets). Our dispersions are compatible with electrodeposition, inkjet or spray coating. Moreover, our ink keeps a high level of transparency on glass or plastics.
We have multiple formulations and coating possibilities. 

Différenciation :
•	Transparent and flexible printed electronics
•	Corrosion resistance and conductive surfaces
•	Miniaturization

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[Sales Pitch]
Carbon Waters holds an unparalleled expertise in graphene production, its deposition on surfaces or as additive. 
Our graphene dispersion is marketed for research as well as for industry. Carbon Waters aims to develop high added-value applications by combining our graphene dispersions into an industrial compatible process.
Our products are compatible with many deposition processes (electrodeposition, inkjet, spray), many surfaces (metals, glass, polymers, ceramics) and many formulation types.

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