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Latest update: 30/05/2017 17:55:29

Smart Support Technologies Inc.

We have developed smart suits which reduce the burden to the human body.

We manufacture Smart Suits by making full use of the labor-reducing technology based on robot engineering. The labor-reducing technology reduces the burden on the human body and fatigue without having to increase the power unnecessarily. It is this technology which supports the human body or assists muscle strength in the nursing, farming, and other works in which unnatural posture is required and a load is applied. The smart suit shows the effect particularly at the time of the half-crouching position. Since 2013 we have sold about 300 Smart Suits. They are utilized by farmers, factory workers and nursing staff.

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[Business description]
1. Research & development and investigation of robot technology, planning, guidance, dissemination of technology and consultation
2. Manufacturing and sales of robots and industrial machines
3. Research & development, planning, manufacturing and sales of the body function support equipment and body function support systems for senior citizens, handicapped persons and workers
4. Research & development, planning, manufacturing and sales of the training support equipment and systems 
5. Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, renting and management of the equipment, tools and uniforms, etc., for medical treatment, nursing, welfare, sport and works
6. The acquisition, application development, licensing, management, transfer and the mediation thereof, of intellectual property such as copyright, neighboring right, design right, Trademark right, patent right and others
7. The survey, research and consultation regarding the improvement of the work environment
8. All duties associated with the work listed above 


[Strength of products/technologies]
The Smart Suit is a “labor-reducing” suit developed using robot technology based on kinesiology of the working posture. Labor-reducing is the technology to reduce (protect from) disease risk by reducing the burden on the human body and fatigue in order to make manual work sustainable, safe and comfortable, to contribute to the maintenance and promotion (training) of physical fitness (such as muscle strength, endurance and vitality) through the training effect obtained by continuous work, and to improve the morale of workers. The Smart Suit does not use mechanical power. Since the Smart Suit exerts a labor-reducing effect by only utilizing the tensile force of the elastic material (rubber), it is low price, comfortable and safe. When keeping the half-crouching position, or leaning for lifting heavy objects, the elastic material exerts two effects simultaneously: The effect of supporting the musculature for raising the upper body and the effect of stabilizing the body by tightening the abdomen.

[Awards and media coverage]
2009: Received the Award of Hokkaido Welfare Machizukuri (community building) (in welfare equipment section)
2011: Received the Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry as the SME’s effort to have contributed to the restoration and rehabilitation in the disaster area
2011: Received the Award of Excellent Presentation in the academic conference of Hokkaido Branch of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 
2012: Received the “Award of Excellent New Technology and New Product of Small and Medium Enterprises” by Resona SME Promotion Foundation /Received the Award of Excellence & Special Award of Industry-Academia-Government Coalition / “Smart Suit Light”
2014: Received the Award of Hokkaido New Technology & New Product development; “Award of Excellence” in Monozukuri section 
2014: Received the Award of Technological Achievement in the System Integration section of the Society of Measurement & Automatic Control (Corporation), “Contribution of the Smart Suit to the dissemination of the labor-reducing technology”
2015: Our Engineering Adviser, Takayuki Tanaka, received the Award of Encouragement of Hokkaido Science and Technology, “The research & development and the dissemination activity of the “Smart Suit based on labor-reducing technology” 


[Intellectual property]
Registered Japanese Patent No. 4496398
Registered Japanese Patent No. 5505631, and others

[Exhibition History/Information]
Innovation Japan (Tokyo Big Sight) on August 25-26
HCR2016 (Tokyo Big Sight) on October 12-13
Ikiiki Hukushi (Vibrant Welfare) Fair (Access Sapporo) on October 14-16
Tokyo International Industry Exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight) on October 31-November 2

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