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Latest update: 06/12/2016 14:33:14

U-Tec Co., Ltd.

Manufacture with short lead time of rectangular pressure vessels and vacuum chambers for medical and industrial applications 

We have advanced welding technology, qualified personnel, and high precision machining, which enables us to provide high quality rectangular pressure vessels and vacuum chambers within short delivery timeframes.  In 2014, our company introduced three large NC machining centers and four large, 20 ton cranes, which enable us to deal with processing of objects up to 40 tons and to further strengthen our capabilities to meet customer demand. 


[Product description] Vacuum chambers are the core of state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing equipment used in the production of such items as liquid crystal displays and organic EL displays. Along with standard characteristics of industrial machinery (such as strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and workability), vacuum chambers require additional qualities, such as elimination of leakage, adhesion or occlusion of gases. To meet these requirements, our skilled personnel with expertise perform surface finishing, along with the use of advanced, high-precision large-scale processing and welding equipment and welding technologies in an integrated manner. Welding is usually performed after machining to avoid distortion, but we have developed our unique processes where we can weld and assemble with far less distortion and then move on to processing with precision machinery. This has been shortening delivery time. [Major facilities and equipment] Gate-type MC 5-face machining centers: MPC-2650E、MPE-2160 Floor mounted horizontal boring milling machines: BF-130B、BTD-110.R16 Table type: BTD-13F, R22, Leak detector: HELIOT714W2

[Product description] We manufacture can bodies that are the core of sterilization equipment, leveraging our manufacturing strengths that have earned us a license for class 1 pressure vessels. These devices have an impact on the performance of facilities in such critical areas as the central sterile services departments (CSSDs) of hospitals and research institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturing and formulation, biological/bacterial engineering and veterinary services. Our technological expertise in can manufacturing, welding, and large-scale precision machine processing, along with well-honed skills and experience, enables us to produce double walled can bodies for sterilization equipment that can withstand long term use with outstanding reliability. [Our advantages] Our combined skills in bending, folding, welding, and machining with large machinery - We manufacture square-shaped pressure vessels from a 9mm solid plate with the four corners accurately curved and their width, height, and length within general tolerance, based on our consideration on expected welding distortion and shrinkage. - We can manufacture round-shaped pressure vessels that withstand pressure of 4.5MPa. - We have manufactured square-shaped pressure vessels as big as 1,650mm (W) x 2,100mm (H) x 11,000mm (L) - We also manufacture vessels for nuclear facilities with extremely strict requirements. [Major facilities and equipment] 300t canning presses, KBR-0H6-1332 bending roller Daihen 300F, 500F semi-automatic welding machines, Elecon 300P argon welding machines, X-ray inspection apparatus

[Product description] We primarily manufacture the yoke parts of electromagnets used in high energy accelerators, which are an important part of particle beam and proton beam therapies used in advanced medical treatment. The purity of the metal materials used for these demands exceptionally fine and precise processing. Also, the operators are required to have the highest degree of attention and skills in large machine processing for the manufacturing of these parts. [Our advantages] We manufacture with the following difficult points in processing highly pure iron materials. - These materials are very soft, thus easily scratched, squashed at corners, bent, or warped. - Severe distortion can be caused by clamps, which may lead to a big gap in measure during and after processing. - They have strong cutting resistance, therefore they place a significant burden on processing machinery and cutters. - Boring including tapping or reaming can enlarge or bend holes. - The materials are precious and mistakes in processing are not acceptable. [Major facilities and equipment] Type 5-face machining centers: MPC-2650E, MPE-2160 Floor mounted horizontal boring milling machines: BF-130B, BTD-110, R16, Table type: BTD-13F, R22