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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:58:14

Marudai Tekkou Co., Ltd.

We developed a manufacturing machine for grinding raw bamboo into fine 5-µm powder by making use of our circular saw production technology.

Our company developed a raw bamboo powder manufacturing machine that works at normal temperature. We intend to encourage its use in Japan for neglected bamboo forests, and also in ASEAN countries where bamboo grows wild. This will be done in order to develop new bamboo applications, such as livestock feed and dietary supplements for humans.

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[Company strength]
Our company has special cutting know-how that makes use of distinctively unique blades that other companies cannot imitate. This was only made possible by making use of our experience gained from circular saw production. Our dedicated bamboo cutting machine (patented) was introduced at Oxford University, and our special circular saw was presented in an academic meeting by Dr. Shiro Kimura (Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University). Our special circular saw was introduced by Dr. Kimura at the World Conference on Timber Engineering (Épinal, France). 

[Business description]
Our company started production of a bamboo supplement, and then developed dietary fiber functionalities using bamboo, targeting the US and Europe. We succeeded in developing the most efficient manufacturing equipment, and obtained a patent for it. We are currently looking for partners who are willing to manufacture in the ASEAN region for distribution in the US and Europe.


[Strength of products/technologies]
We possess know-how on circular saw production and machine development for special circular saw production. We combined this with the cutting theory of a Nagoya University Professor Emeritus, which led to the success of our normal temperature raw bamboo ultra-fine powder manufacturing machine. We were able to patent this technology. Bamboo is a biomass resource that can be produced at 15 tons per hectare, and we now have a means to utilize it for new purposes. We intend to use this product for Japan’s neglected bamboo forests, and also in developing countries in the ASEAN region where bamboo grows naturally. 

[Representative's message]
Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in nature. Small bamboo is eaten as bamboo shoots, while large ones are used as materials for construction and daily commodities. Bamboo is now being planted and grown in China as a national strategy to replace trees. Paper in China is made from 100% bamboo, because wood pulp is no longer available due to forest depletion. It is extremely regrettable that bamboo forests have become a cause of disaster in heavy rains and earthquakes after the material was neglected because there was no way to exploit it. We intend to use our normal temperature raw bamboo ultra-fine power manufacturing machine in the ASEAN region where the material is abundant. This will be done so that bamboo is processed for use by livestock farmers, and also as a dietary supplement for humans. We are looking for business opportunities in neighboring developing countries.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are currently in discussions with the world’s leading material manufacturer in Thailand about a method that helps both our business and local employment. We have already developed a specific livestock feed bamboo production plan based on the quality and quantity of local bamboo production. The next phase will be to develop a plantation plan so that bamboo is procured to make auto parts. We are looking for ways to train export personnel, as we will need to establish a framework for our future export business.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have acquired 100% of the markets for bamboo silage making machines, dietary ultra-fine bamboo powder, and feed grade bamboo powder (thick-stemmed bamboo yogurt).

[Awards and media coverage]
Smaller Enterprise Agency Director’s Prize; Shizuoka Prefecture New Business Encouragement Award; Hamamatsu Brand certification; Vibrant Shizuoka Company Award.

Farmers and livestock production sites in various regions in Japan were introduced on commercial TV and radio programs. Our company was interviewed by NHK for broadcast nationwide on “Ohayo Nippon.” The accumulated air time for previous news reports totals about 4 hours. 

Our company was the first in Japan to be able to apply for a bamboo A Feed manufacturer license. 

[Joint research and development]
New Caterpillar Mitsubishi (now CAT); Forestry Agency.; Special Forest Products Office; Shizuoka Prefectural Animal Husbandry Experiment Station; Small And Mid-sized Livestock Experiment Station; Shizuoka University; Kyoto University; Tokyo University; Doshisha University; Kyoto Gakuen University; Ishikawa Prefectural University; Tokyo Institute of Technology; University of Shizuoka; and so on. 

[Transaction form]
OEM; direct sales.

[Transaction terms]
Cash transactions.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Sales contract with New Caterpillar Mitsubishi (now CAT; sold 70 units nationally); Shima Kikai. 

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Our product was introduced at an event in Kasetsart National University as an example of technology transfer from Japan (the event was planned by the government of Thailand); we concluded an agreement with NITOMO concerning manufacturing and sales of bamboo silage. 

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