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R&D of plating technology to special resins including polycarbonate and glass fiber

We have established mass production of special resins including polycarbonate and glass fiber and specialized in surface coating treatment with the plastic plating technology. Our plated ware, plastic door handles  have been supplied on a global basis and Nickel plating on semiconductor products and Velour plating are also manufactured in our plants. The china plant in Changzhou City enables automobile manufacturers at home and abroad to locally procure these parts. 

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[Company strength]
Under the slogan of "Aiming at a harmony of human, technology and become a company that can swiftly respond to the new era", we develop unique technologies that cannot be copied by other companies and aim for providing customer-oriented products/services and building original brands. As a manufacturer of plastic plating requiring an original know-how, the company has established the technology of plating to special resin materials including glass fiber.

[Business description]
The company has a variety of surface treatment technologies including metal and plastic plating. Especially, we possess high-grade technology and productivity of surface plating for special resins such as polycarbonate and glass fiber and establish the mass production system.

[Strength of products/technologies]
We are the first company that has developed a technology of plastic plating to special materials such as 20% glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate. This plating technology achieved F company's recognition so that our plant has certified by the company. The polycarbonate plating technology also recognized in the market; as a result, plating products of plastic door handle have a 70% or more of the delivery to a worldwide corporation of T company. Our core competence include Nickel plating on semiconductor products, Velour plating, two colors plating using insert mold and plastic plating of special materials with glass fiber.

[Representative's message]
 Since our foundation in 1949, we have challenged to develop and produce plating products including plastic plating requiring a high-grade technology, plastic plating to special materials and nano-level plating to provide products with a higher quality. Our aim is to become an advanced company that can respond flexibly to requests of quick delivery or limited production of diversified products. Furthermore, we have established a factory in Changzhou. Based on these, our company strive to contribute to automobile manufacturers at home and abroad for the parts acquisition.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
 Our technical department covers responses to new customers, inquiries from major corporations or overseas companies and technical consultation. The department members will go to the field to practice such duties if needed. To gather and monitor the information, the president will assumes the leadership of addressing new customers, while our organization will responds to overseas customers in good faith.

[Market share/Ranking]
Domestic market share for the automobile plastic door handles: 43 percent.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Commendations] Award of 300 Active medium and small companies of Monodukuri (2007)/Aich Quality Companies 2005 / Nagoya City Eco Plant (2004)
 [Media Coverage] "Terebi Hakubutukan" in Tokai Television (on air in 1998)

Received ISO 9001 certification.
Received ISO 14001 certification.
Certificated as a company in the support industry.

[Joint research and development]
Organization for Small & Medium Enterprise and Regional Innovation  (Development of next generation anticorrosive plating system, 2006-2008)

[Factory (domestic)]
Omori Factory (Moriyama-ku, Nagoya City)

[Factory (overseas)]
Shiragane Surface Treatment (Changzhou, China) Co., Ltd.

[Other sites]
Head Office (Moriyaka-ku, Nagoya City)

[Transaction form]
Commissioned processing

[Transaction terms]
According to our conditions

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. (commissioned processing between 1966-present), Rinnai Corporation (commissioned processing between 1973-present), Moriroku (commissioned processing between 2010-present) and many major automobile manufacturers and amusing components manufacturers

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