February 26, 2019

New Function Launch Notice for Member Page

Thank you for using J-GoodTech as always. We are informing you that new functions will be launched in the member page as of February 25th (Monday). The following services will be available:

Launch of browsing features to monitor usage performance

Addition of a Dashboard function to enable monitoring of J-GoodTech usage performance and other key performance indicators.

Addition of email viewing function

We have added a new “E-mail Notification” function to enable users to view emails sent by J-GoodTech team.

Improved functions of “Needs”

When posting on “Needs”, members can now indicate “Work Location”, select “Viewer” in a targeted company, and limit viewing companies with “Exclude Company” function.

Additional registration items for corporate information

With the new items, you may now include “Distinctive Features and History” and designate a “Subtitle for Sales Pitch”.

We will continue to improve our website for better member experience and enhance the uploaded information and look forward to your continued patronage.

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