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Looking For: Partner for market development

We are seeking a partner for market development that will make full use of our flexible production system

We have been accumulating know-how for more than half a century on establishing optimal FMSs (flexible manufacturing systems) for products including large machinery and precision machinery. We have an extensive track record in developing, designing, and manufacturing general machines and instruments. These include FA-related machines, dedicated machine tools, conveyers, labor-saving machines, automobile parts, and wind power generation parts. We focus on large machinery processing, sheet metal processing, and plate working. We are also developing a wide range of fields for our growth strategy, including the aircraft industry and fields related to next-generation vehicles, new energy, the environment, and so on.

Eba Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Business: General machine and instrument manufacturing

Main products: We recommend, design, manufacture, and maintain machinery and equipment for establishing optimal FMSs.

Address: Inabe-gun, Mie


Looking for: Integration partner

We are seeking an integration partner to make use of our technology in the field of precision optical parts

We have established an integrated production system for precision optical parts for OA equipment and so on, which covers raw material glass cutting, polishing, and vapor deposition. We manufacture high-quality products with highly competitive prices. We have established plants in China and Vietnam based on the manufacturing technology and know-how acquired at our headquarters plant. We effectively operate our comprehensive quality control system to satisfy high-level customer needs regarding quality and cost. Our mirrors and other optical parts for OA equipment have a global market share of more than 55% in terms of quantity.

Kishiro Hikari Kagaku Co., Ltd.

Business: Precision machinery and medical equipment optical part manufacturing

Main products: Precision optical parts for OA equipment; specific optical parts

Address:Sukagawa City, Fukushima


Looking For: Business partnership for sales and so on

We are seeking a Vietnamese company to form a business partnership for sales (distribution) and so on for the field of food processing machines

Our company develops, manufactures, and sells food processing machines such as sausage cutting machines and automatic skewering machines for meat processing companies. We have a dominant share of the domestic Japanese market for sausage cutting machines. We became independent from an engineering company that designs machinery and equipment. We develop new technologies to satisfy customer needs based on the technology we acquired in that company. We have some experience in exports to Vietnam. We aim to form a business partnership with a Vietnamese company for sales (distribution) and so on in order to actively develop our business and new marketing channels in the Vietnamese market.

Kyoei Engineering Co., Ltd.

Business: Food processing machine manufacturing and sales

Main products: Sausage cutting machines and automatic skewering machines

Address: Ota City, Tokyo


Looking For: Production partners

We are in search of partner companies in ASEAN nations

Our main businesses are the manufacture and assembly of metal parts, including automotive, semiconductor device, and medical equipment parts. We are a one-stop service provider that handles everything from individual parts and mass-production orders to finished products. In particular, we excel at thin metal processing, ensuring 6-micron roundness and 1.8-mm thickness. We began employing Vietnamese workers roughly 10 years ago, and finally establish a temporary plant in Vietnam in 2016. We began full-scale business expansion in Vietnam in 2017. We hope to use our processing technologies and form production partnerships with enterprises looking to achieve higher-quality, higher-level assembly operations.

Nakanou Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Main Products: Metal processed products

Address: Higashiosaka city ,OSAKA

Address: Ritto city, SHIGA


Nakanou Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales, business, and production partners

We are in search of Vietnamese sales, business, and production partners for machined products

Located in Ohta, Gunma, Ikeda Manufacturing is a producer of automotive pressed parts.

IWK Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a joint venture formed in Vietnam in 2011 by three companies: Ikeda Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Watanabe Manufactory Company Limited, and Kaninuma Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Benefiting from each company’s different areas of specialization, expertise, and networks, IWK Vietnam deals in business ranging from manufacturing to sales. Through coordination with Japan, the company is able to provide customers with better and more affordable products more quickly. With a focus on achieving further growth, we are looking for sales, business, and production partners among Vietnamese companies in order to better cultivate new customers and business for machined parts in Vietnam as well as ASEAN markets.

Ikeda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Business description: Manufacture of transportation machines and instruments

Main Products: Automotive pressed parts

Address: Ohta city, GUNMA


Ikeda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales and business collaboration partners

A manufacturer of metal products specialized in alumite processing is in search of Vietnamese enterprises who can play a role in product sales, distribution, and business partnerships

We are a manufacturer of metal products and we specialize in the anodic oxidation coating of aluminum (alumite treatment). We achieve precision at the micrometer level, addressing needs related to AT transmissions, brake products, air pressure, and essential safety equipment for automobiles. With two plants currently in Vietnam, we operate a global production system that allows us to provide low-cost products with short lead times. We are looking for Vietnamese enterprises who can play a role in product sales, distribution, and business partnerships with the goal of further expanding our sales channels in Vietnam.

Chubu Rika Co., Ltd.

Business description: Metal product manufacturing, alumite treatment

Main Products: Hard alumite processing, colored alumite processing, superimposed electrolytic treatment, alumite treatment using oxalic acid, machining, etc.

Address: Tougouchou, AICHI


Chubu Rika Co., Ltd.

Looking for: Distributors

A systems developer specializing in medical image processing is looking for business partners

We handle system development and are developing our business by specializing in medical image processing. We have a track record in combining DICOM viewers, PACS, and devices that link with electronic health records for the purpose of displaying and referencing medical images. Along with providing our DataServiceProvider external storage service for medical images, we also develop systems that help bring cloud technology to business environments. We have exported products to the USA, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Cote d’Ivoire. Our SonicDICOM system for sharing medical information is attracting attention for enabling image referencing using an existing Web browser and making it possible to obtain medical images anytime, anywhere.

SonicDICOM PACS is currently marketed as a system for sharing medical information. Plans are under way to obtain approval for its use with medical equipment in Japan by the end of 2017, and we are also considering obtaining FDA approval or the CE mark for overseas markets. The focus now is on entering into overseas reseller agreements in the hopes of achieving 500 licenses per business year in overseas markets. So far, we have entered into agreements with 12 companies and are at the preliminary agreement stage with 80 more.

We are looking for a vendor in Vietnam that is strongly networked with medical care providers.

Jiun Co., Ltd.

Business description: Developing medical image processing systems

Main Products: SonicDICOM PACS (system for sharing medical images in medical settings)

Address: Fukuoka city, FUKUOKA


Jiun Co., Ltd.

Media System

Remote external storage service DICOM Server & Viewer

Operation track records and experience rich product lineups.

Looking For: Sales partners

We are looking for business partners as a company cultivating new customers in the electronics sector

We develop and manufacture functional films with adhesive technologies at the core, and our products include dicing films for semiconductors and films to protect LCDs and touch panels. Through a focus on seven functions (selection, development, processing, supply, quality, cost, and environment) and by speedily addressing customer needs, we have grown into a company of distinction. Our advanced next-generation products combine sophisticated processing technologies with the COSMOTAC® product line, which are made possible by original polymer technologies. This allows us to provide a value other companies cannot match.

We are looking to develop sales partnerships with Vietnamese companies who can help us take advantage of the move towards globalization in recent years.

Cosmotec Co., Ltd.

Business description: Manufacture and sale of adhesive products

Main Products: Adhesive sheets

Address: Tachikawa city, TOKYO


Cosmotec Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales agents

We are looking for local sales enterprises to help in expanding our business in Vietnam as a manufacturer of cold and heat storage materials

We manufacture and sell cold and heat storage agents that allow for the free setting of temperatures in 1 °C steps in a range from -50 °C to +50 °C. We aim to further expand business in Vietnam for our products, which include foods, medical care products, and precision equipment, as well as products that have even been used in the International Space station. To this end, we are looking for sales agents with sales networks in tourist areas and local sales agents who can satisfy needs concerning foods and pharmaceuticals. We look forward to being able to cultivate new markets together with new partners.

Ice Japan Co., Ltd.

Business description: Manufacture and sale of cold and heat storage agents

Main Products: Ice packs, heat storage plus temperature controlled ice packs, supercold ice packs, eco-friendly deodorizer ice packs, etc.

Address: Muroran city, HOKKAIDO


R&D Software Co., Ltd.

Looking for: Distributors

We are in search of distributors in ASEAN nations

We manufacture and sell specialty lamps, in particular lighting sources used in medical equipment, semiconductor devices, inspection devices, projectors and entertainment devices. We develop these lamps to meet specific customer needs and distribute them directly to manufacturers as well as through sales agents. We built a manufacturing facility in Vietnam in 2012 and have enhanced price competitiveness and established a supply structure for the growing Asian market. We have already developed partnerships with local distributors in Thailand. Now, with a focus on bringing our business to the global stage, we are actively seeking out other distributors in ASEAN nations.

KAHOKU Lighting Solutions Corporation

Business description: Manufacture and sale of specialty lamps

Main Products: Specialty lamps for medical applications

Address: Ishinomaki city, MIYAGI


KAHOKU Lighting Solutions Corporation

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