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Looking For: Manufacturing Outsourcing Partner

Looking for a partner that can create 3D CAD models and product drawings

We excel at (1) creation of 3D solid data from conceptual diagrams and samples related to plastic molds, (2) shape review of plastic components, and (3) visualizing simulation results for injection molding of plastic components by calculating data using Moldflow Insight, a commercial software for mold flow analysis. We are able to work on many different types of plastic products and we propose solutions to customer issues using a solutions-based approach to business. We are looking for a manufacturing outsourcing partner capable of delivering data that is high quality, low cost, and with a short lead time.

Shincri P-A Inc.

Business description: plastic component fabricator involved in 3D CAD modeling, product drawing preparation, contract analysis of mold flow, and the design of prototypes, etc.

Main services/products: creation of 3D CAD models and product drawings, contract analysis of mold flow, and fabrication of product prototypes

Address: Kawasaki city, KANAGAWA


Shincri P-A Inc.

Looking For: Sales, business, and production partners

Looking for a Thai company that desires technical collaboration in advanced precision cutting

We have already concluded a distributor agreement with our local subsidiary in Thailand and have opened a showroom and inventory center there as well. We have websites in both English and Thai, and are looking to strengthen our online marketing. In turn, we dispatch staff from Japan to market and publicize our products through test cuts for customers that request them and seminars for distributors. Additionally, at the same time, we are conducting market research on local production of cutting machines (parts procurement costs, securing manufacturing workforce, search for plant site, and facilities, etc.) and are looking at possibly setting up production locally. Our strength is in providing a full range of support to precision cutting in the fields of inspections and research, both indispensable to manufacturing. We are looking for a Thai company to work with in expanding our business using our proprietary precision cutting technologies.


Business description: manufacturing and marketing of high speed precision cutting machines and precision cutting wheels

Main products: high speed precision cutting machine FINE CUT and precision cutting wheel NASTON

Address: Chuo-ku , TOKYO


Ikeda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Looking For: R&D Outsourcing Partner

Looking for an R&D partner that can contribute to society with its advanced technologies

Precision metal plating processing is a base industry for business that provides technologies applicable to a wide range of parts and components. Using these technologies with wide ranging applications, we have integrated our advanced technologies in an effort to always tackle new possibilities and create new value (laminated metal plating, tailored blanking, and hybrid precision metal plating, etc.). As a technical partner, we are paving the way for the future by providing support to the fields of creative planning, research and prototypes and by utilizing curriculum of national university graduate schools for working adults, including 3D AD development and design assistance and seminars for designers, etc.

Therefore, we are looking for an R&D partner in conjunction with our business expansion in ASEAN.

Hiraide Precision Co., Ltd.

Business description: Precision metal plating manufacturer offering high precision and high speed solutions through our combination of people and technologies, including our core technology of metal plating for aircraft developed prior to World War II

Main products: Cleaning machines and high precision measuring devices

Address: Okaya city, NAGANO


Hiraide Precision Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Licensing Partner

Looking for a partner who wants to license our manufacturing technologies

We manufacture and market laminated security glass that is explosion proof and bullet proof, including the strongest security glass made in Japan. We have sold our glass products to the Ministry of Defense, embassies, private-sector factories and data centers, among others. We are also working on the development of high performance laminated glass for buildings that improve energy efficiency. We are looking for a partner in Thailand with a strong sales network who wants to license our manufacturing technologies. Licensing will make it possible to expand the business more competitively in terms of logistics costs (glass is heavy and fragile) and manufacturing costs (glass can be sourced and manufactured locally).

Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.

Business description: manufacturing of high performance resin laminated glass

Main products: high performance security glass, and energy efficient glass

Address: Yokohama city , KANAGAWA


Hercules Glass Tech Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Manufacturing Outsourcing and Sales Partner

Looking for a partner that can fabricate high quality and high precision mold bases

We have a strong track record in the fabrication of mold bases for optical, medical, in-vehicle, stationery and bi-color molding applications. We possess a variety of technologies gained through many years of technical cooperation with camera manufacturers. Today, we are harnessing these technologies in various fields related to mold bases and precision molds.

We have received many orders from Japanese manufacturers locally and now we are looking for a partner capable of fulfilling orders for mold bases from Kawashima Kinzoku. We need a partner that can provide estimates swiftly.

Kawashima Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Business description: manufacturing of custom-made precision mold bases, precision molds, and mold components

Main products: custom-made precision mold bases and ES (frozen) chuck

Address: Kawaguchi city , SAITAMA


Kawashima Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales and Repair Agent

Looking for an agent that can market and repair our equipment

We are a group of professionals that use high speed revolutions of our proprietary 3D Ball Mill (3D reactor) to provide pulverizing, mixing and separating once thought impossible. We have exhibited our patented 3D Ball Mill at various trade fairs in Japan and internationally, where participants involved in preparation and manufacturing of hi-tech materials such as conductive paste, ink, paint, CNT, 3D printer materials and photocatalysts have shown keen interest in our technologies that make it possible to achieve high precession and uniform pulverizing and mixing of materials. We are looking for an agent that can market and repair our products in the Thailand market, where there is strong demand from a cluster of industries requiring our solutions.


Business description: manufacturing and marketing of specialized equipment as well as separators, mixers and pulverisers for physiochemical use

Main products: 3D Ball Mill ((3D Reactor)

Address: Kawasaki city , KANAGAWA


R&D Software Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales Agent

Looking for a partner that can carry our lineup of products

We manufacture film, tape and plastic products. Our products are used in a wide range of fields, including automotive components, components for PCs and mobile devices, OA equipment and electronics. We are able to meet the needs of customers with our flexible and varied processing technologies. We are looking for a Thai company involved in the automobile and/or OA equipment industries in the Thailand market, where there is a cluster of automotive parts, OA and specialty tool industries expected to have strong demand for our products.

TMF Co., Ltd.

Business description: film, tape, and plastic products

Main products: film products for automobiles and OA equipment

Address: Ichinomiya city, AICHI


TMF Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales Agent

Looking for a partner (sales agent) that we can work with to open up markets in ASEAN together

We manufacture and market transport and storage solutions made from proprietary high performance materials. Our products are eco friendly and we offer unparalleled processing technologies, including hallowing and ruled lines. We are looking for a sales agent that can help us open up ASEAN markets mainly in Thailand and that can support cleanroom operations with uninterrupted access to power and logistics innovations for various industries, including automotive components, electronics components, foods, pharmaceuticals, OTC drugs, and cosmetics.

Daiichi Omiya Inc.

Business description: manufacturing of plastic products

Main products: cases for transport and storage

Address: Settsu city, OSAKA


KAHOKU Lighting Solutions Corporation

Looking For: Sales Agent

Looking for a partner to help with the commercialization of new waste plastic products in ASEAN markets

Looking for a partner to help with the commercialization of new waste plastic products in ASEAN marketsWe were the first in the industry to create a system for recovering heat energy produced from a specialized boiler using waste plastic and waste styrofoam as pellet fuel as steam, hot water and heating. Our goal is to bring this smart and efficient system for recycling waste plastics that clears emissions regulations to Southeast Asia. The patent is pending for this system. We are looking for a partner to work with in establishing a local energy management system and new format of waste plastics recycling in ASEAN.


Business description: manufacturing of general machinery and apparatuses

Main products: small waste compactors and environmental equipment

Address: Sapporo city, HOKKAIDO



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