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Manufacturing Subcontractor Wanted

Looking for a manufacturing subcontractor in Taiwan for self-developed electrostatic separators

Our company manufactures and sells wire netting used in various fields, such as automobiles, electric appliances, agricultural, construction and industrial machinery, plant equipment, chemical production, and construction. We handle prototype development, high-mix low-volume production, and mass production as a dedicated wire netting manufacturer. We are looking for a manufacturing subcontractor for a new type of electrostatic separation sorter we developed in response to the increasing need for waste plastic recycling for household appliances and other uses. Our sorter makes use of a newly adopted circular electrode that enables high-purity separation. We are hoping to meet many Taiwanese companies that want to conclude manufacturing subcontracting agreements with Japanese companies.

Ishikawa Wire Netting Co., Ltd.

Business description: Wire netting manufacturing and sales

Main products: A new type of electrostatic separation sorter, Precious Rare Mesh (PRM), and a new stringlike mesh material devised by manual sewing

Address: Arakawa Ward, Tokyo


 Ishikawa Wire Netting Co.,

Looking For: Production partners

We are hoping to meet production contractors

Our company is extending its business in four divisions: in addition to our machine tool, heat exchanger, and cylinder lubricator manufacturing and sales divisions, recent years have seen us branch into the development and manufacture of medical equipment. In this, our medical equipment business, we manufacture and sell products that include integrated cleaning and suction catheters for flexible endoscopes. We are hoping to make the acquaintance of production partners who can manufacture plastic and silicone products and related press dies, and who can assemble products. We look forward to talking business with many Taiwanese and ASEAN nation enterprises with an interest in partnering with a Japanese company.

Yamashina Seiki Co., Ltd.

Business description: Manufacture of general machine tools (medical equipment)

Main Products: Suction tips and cleaning and suction catheters for endoscopy

Address: Ritto city, SHIGA


Yamashina Seiki Co., Ltd.

Looking For: R&D partners

We are in search of companies who can use our vacuum thin film coaters for their R&D

Utilizing technologies used in making high vacuum spaces, we design and manufacture vacuum thin film coaters used in molecular and material synthesis for universities and other researchers as well as commercial product developers. We provide the best deposition distribution guarantee in Japan (within ± 3%) using the sputtering method, enabling us to provide solutions at competitive prices.

We are now looking for companies who can use our vacuum thin film coaters for their R&D.

Suga Seisakusyo

Business description: Manufacture of physical and chemical machine tools

Main Products: Vacuum thin film coaters, photoelectron emission microscopes

Address: Hokuto city, HOKKAIDO


Suga Seisakusyo

Looking For: Technical cooperation partners, distributors

We are looking for technical and sales-related partners for microchannel heat exchangers

We provide bonding, surface treatment, and a range of other special processing technologies to large manufacturers of semiconductors, FPD manufacturing systems, devices, panels, and fluid control equipment. We perform bonding of stainless steel pipes with 50 µm-thin walls and precision bonding of thin etching sheets. We excel at technologies for additive layering of same and different type metals and forming fine and complex flow channels, as well as technologies for polishing flow channel internal surfaces and mitigating pressure loss. Our aim is to commercialize microchannel heat exchangers, a focus of attention in recent years in especially the environment and energy conservation field. We are in search of partners who can develop products through technical cooperations and sell those products in Taiwan and ASEAN nations.

Nikkoshi Co., Ltd.

Business description: Machining for manufacturing systems, bonding and surface treatment, manufacture and sale of electronic parts, and the sale of nonferrous metals and heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant materials

Main Products: Parts for systems to manufacture semiconductors, LCDs, and LEDs, as well as various sensors and solenoids

Address: Minato-ku, TOKYO


Nikkoshi Co., Ltd.<

Looking For: Joint researchers

We are looking for joint research partners in the area of technologies for bonding different types of materials

Our diffusion bonding technologies are globally unique and capable of bonding different kinds of materials such as metals, ceramics, and carbon. We are an R&D startup with more than 20 years of experience developing diffusion bonding technologies that use hot presses. We develop and manufacture products ranging from heatsinks for radio-frequency semiconductors to DBC boards for power semiconductors, heat dissipating materials for vertical LEDs, and fuel cell separators. We are looking for joint research partners in Taiwan and ASEAN countries.

FJ Composite Material Co., Ltd.

Business description: Composite material development and manufacture

Main Products: Heatsinks for high-frequency semiconductors

Address: Chitose city, HOKKAIDO


FJ Composite Material Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Distributors, parts suppliers

We are hoping to meet distributors and parts suppliers in Taiwan

Jokoh manufactures wet jet mills that disperse, emulsify, and pulverize particles to nano size through a contamination-free process. These devices are used in a diversity of fields ranging from foods to cosmetics and electronic materials. At a time of booming demand for electronic materials and related equipment in the Taiwanese market, we are hoping to find distributors in Taiwan who can sell our products. We are considering procuring parts for these devices, and are looking forward to talking business with suppliers who can accommodate multi-product, small-quantity production.

Jokoh Co., Ltd.

Business description: Medical equipment manufacturing and sales

Main Products: Wet jet milling systems

Address: Kawasaki city , KANAGAWA


Jokoh Co., Ltd.

Looking for: Distributors

We are looking for sales partners with the ability to offer solutions that satisfy customers

We hope to extend sales channels for our products CsvDocumenter®, eDocutool®, CubeIntelligence®, CubeSignage®, and MansionSignage™, and increase contracts for smart device-related work. We are therefore looking to find vendors, general sales agents, or OEMs for the above products. We are happy to discuss the apps we have developed using smart devices and show samples of smartphone apps we have developed in order to deepen our customers’ understanding of our digital signage and other system development and help us grow in domestic and overseas markets.

R&D Software Co., Ltd.

Business description: Businesses related to packaged products, business systems, and smartphone apps

Main Products: Form creation software

Address: Nagoya city, AICHI


R&D Software Co., Ltd.

Looking for: Distributors

We are looking for partners who can help us share the joys of manufacturing with our customers

Our “select few” staff members work to provide devices suited to each customer’s needs for every stage of business, including development, design, manufacturing, and sales. We are highly valued by existing customers for an adaptability and flexibility unmatched by large and medium sized companies, as well as for our advanced technology development capabilities and superior cost performance. We will continue working towards the best interests of our customers as we provide our products to a broad range of industries that include electronics, automobiles, aerospace, medicine, and food. Justem is in search of Taiwanese companies who can help us leverage the expertise we have built up in the manufacture of silicon wafers and forge a collaborative relationship for sales efforts.

Justem Co., Ltd.

Business description: Development, manufacture, and sale of manufacturing equipment

Main Products: A range of inspection and measuring devices

Address: Nagaoka city , NIIGATA


R&D Software Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Production and sales agents

We are looking for partners in the manufacture of special surface treatment agents used in the composite surface

We research and develop special surface treatment agents, which we then manufacture and sell.

Our main business entails the manufacture and sale of the following products: (1) Deburring agents that remove oxide films and fine burrs generated during the machining of titanium, stainless steel, carbon steel, and other metals; (2) Sliding improvement agents that improve the smoothness of metal surfaces; (3) Modification agents that modify substrate surfaces to improve adhesion with coatings and platings; and (4) Industrial chemicals used in microcircuits and electronic parts. We have distinctive and original products that meet customer needs, and we are in search of partners who can play a role in their manufacture and sale.

Hokuriku Roka Co., Ltd.

Business description: Manufacture and sale of special surface treatment agents

Main Products: Deburring agents, sliding improvement agents, and modification agents

Address: Sabae city, FUKUI


Before ( left ) and after ( right ) eliminating micro burr at metal processing.

Before ( left ) and after ( right ) eliminating micro burr at metal processing.

Looking for: Distributors

We are hoping to meet partners who can sell our products

We research and develop special surface treatment agents, which we then manufacture and sell.

equipment; the manufacture of R&D systems and testing machines, and the precision processing of parts. Our main strength is our air pressure devices which use our proprietary air control technology. This technology can control clean-air, nitrogen, helium, and various other kinds of gases. In light of booming demand in especially Taiwan’s electronic part manufacturing industry, we are hoping to make the acquaintance of distributors capable of selling products of ours that include the OZUMA22 (featuring 0.1 µm resolving power), a non-contact thickness measurement device for use with semiconductor wafers, glass, metals, and composites.


Business description:Manufacture of metal products

Main Products: Non-contact thickness measurement devices

Address: Kawasaki city , KANAGAWA



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Looking for a PRODUCTION PARTNER and a DISTRIBUTOR in TAIWAN who can produce the surface treatment agents for metals


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