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Sales and Manufacturing Partner Wanted

A Japanese manufacturer is looking for an Indonesian company that provides sales support for auto parts, and delivers cast components

Our company mainly manufactures cast components used in accelerators and engines of automobiles and industrial machines. We have an operation site in Indonesia as our manufacturing base for the ASEAN market. We are currently looking for a new sales agency for our auto part products to strengthen our sales efforts in Indonesia and other ASEAN countries.

Raw material suppliers for cast and forged components are also needed.

Morii Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Business description: Accelerator, engine, and transmission part manufacturing for automobiles, commercial vehicles, and industrial transportation machinery

Main products: Engine and transmission parts

Address: Ota Ward, Tokyo


Morii Manufacturing Co.,

Sales Partner Wanted

Looking for a sales partner in Indonesia for non-destructive testing equipment

Our company manufactures and sells non-destructive testing and marking equipment. We offer an extensive product lineup in Japanese and overseas markets. Our products include ultraviolet flaw- detection lamps, condensed-type fluorescent magnetic powder liquid that simplifies adjustment processing, and paint jet printers with various font sizes and clear print.

We set up a representative office in Jakarta in 2015 to expand sales and after-sale services for our customers in the automobile, steel, and equipment industries.

We hope to contribute to our customers’ manufacturing operations as well as to the development of Indonesia’s industrial sector.

We urgently need partners who are willing to work with us in our product sales and after-sales support operations.

MARKTEC Corporation

Business description: Non-destructive testing equipment and marking equipment manufacturing

Main product: Non-destructive testing equipment

Address: Ota Ward, Tokyo


Jakarta Representative Office

TEL: +62-21-7650865

Address: Marga Guna Grand, #103 Jl. Marga Guna Raya No. 9 Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia 12420

Japan High Speed Boring
Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Manufacturing Outsourcing Partner

Looking to outsource the manufacturing of aluminum automobile components to a company in Indonesia

As a supplier of engine components to the auto industry, we supply high value-added products by using the latest facilities, non-destructive testing to ensure thorough quality controls, and a traceability system for higher quality, shorter delivery and lower costs. We have a manufacturing base in Indonesia, at which production has been increasing steadily. We are looking to partner with an Indonesia company to outsource the manufacturing of certain components in order to increase production volume even further. We hope to work with an Indonesian company that has advanced quality control capabilities and manufacturing technologies for aluminum components.

Nakakin Co., Ltd.

Business description: manufacturing of rotary pumps and components for automobile engines

Main products: automobile engine components

Address: Osaka city, OSAKA


Nakakin Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Partner for New Business Development

Looking for a company in Asia with interest in medical software to explore new business development

We develop specialized software for medical institutions. We excel in the perinatal field, and offer the Hello Baby ProgramTM, a specialized digital medical records system for obstetricians, that is currently used by more than 100 facilities in Japan, ranging from advanced medical facilities to general clinics. This software program has established a strong reputation among users.

In January 2017, we established PT MITLA IT Laboratory Indonesia in Bandung and plan on launching the Hello Baby ProgramTM in Indonesia. Our digital medical records system features a cloud-based design where medical records are updated for each diagnosis. Hospitals and clinics use a special ID to access the system, enabling them to browse the latest medical records. For example, if a patient has a chronic illness that increases risks during birth and they have to be transferred from their nearest clinic to a hospital with advanced facilities, the physician at the hospital will be able to minimize risks during birth because they can quickly access accurate information on the patient’s illness and the progression of their pregnancy.

We would like to launch this business not only in Indonesia, but in other ASEAN countries as well. Therefore, we are looking for a partner who can help develop our business in the region.

MITLA Co., Ltd.

Business description: developer of medical software

Main products: digital medical records system

Address: Takamatsu city, KAGAWA


MITLA Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Joint Development/Technical Alliance/OEM Partner

Looking for partner who can collaborate with us in Indonesia in the field of foamed plastics

We are considering joint development/technical alliances/OEM for components made from foamed plastic for use as sound proofing, anti-vibration and interior finishings for the automobile market in Southeast Asia. Therefore, we are looking for a partner in these areas.

In Japan, we have an established track record in developing and marketing products for instruments, home electronics and motorcycles. Our manufacturing plant in Indonesia can receive orders.

Softpren Industry Corporation

Business description: processor of various foamed plastic materials centered on urethane foam

Main products: manufacturing of components for air conditioners, musical instruments and automobiles, etc., used for cushioning, sound proofing and insulation, etc.

Address: Hamamatsu city, SHIZUOKA


Softpren Industry Corporation

Looking For: Procurement Partner

Looking for a procurement partner who can supply press parts, molds, welding facilities and jigs in Indonesia

We are looking for the following procurement partners in Indonesia
• Manufacturer of presses for automotive suspension components
• Manufacturer of molds for automotive suspension components
• Manufacturer of welding facilities and jigs for automotive suspension components


Business description: manufacturing of automotive components and vehicle parts for industrial equipment

Main products: automotive suspension components, steering components, steering column related components, and engine/transmission related components

Address: Kasaoka city , OKAYAMA


PT Hiruta Kogyo Indonesia

Main customers: PT.Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia , PT.SUZUKI INDOMOBIL MOTOR , PT.Marugo Rubber Indonesia

Address: Jl Maligi X Lot V-6 Kawasan Industri KIIC, Desa Margakaya, Teluk Jambe Barat, Karawang, 41361


Looking For: Technical Alliance Partner

Looking to introduce our proprietary technologies at an Indonesian company in order to reinforce sales strengths and provided added value

HIVEC has established a subsidiary in Indonesia called PT. HIVEC DESIGN DEVELOPMENT INDONESIA (HDDI). HDDI provides solutions through technical collaboration, from design to manufacture of transportation related equipment mainly in Indonesia.

HDDI’s strengths:
• Provides highly experienced experts for customer development through collaboration with affiliates in Japan
• HDDI is a development company located in Indonesia that is wholly owned by a development company in Japan (HIVEC). HDDI focuses on providing efficient development services mainly for the auto industry by solving challenges in each stage, from design to Start of Production (SOP).
• By collaborating with affiliates in Japan and India (HRT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HIVEC), we can provide advanced expertise in Japan and competitively priced CAD operations of India (data creation, CAE analysis, jig design, mold design).


Business description: design and manufacturing related to transport equipment

Main products: design of automotive components

Address: Higashihiroshima city, HIROSHIMA


HIVEC: http://www.hivec.com/
HRT: http://www.hivecrhino.com/
HDDI: http://www.hivecindonesia.com/


Looking For: Technical Alliance Partner

Looking for a company in Asia for a technical alliance partner in the manufacturing of automotive components

We utilize our metal plating press technologies to supply automakers with engine components and transmission components. We manufacture only in Japan, but we have successfully established an efficient production system that has earned us a strong reputation from customers in terms of price competitiveness and quality. Our integrated production system includes not only metal plating press work, but also welding and assembly, equipment handling, and electrodeposition painting. As the next step, we would like to supply components to customers quicker and cheaper but with the same quality through technical cooperation with a component manufacturing company in Southeast Asia.

We are looking for a company in Southeast Asia with a strong quality control system that wants to produce our components together or carry out contract manufacturing of our products with our technologies.

Heian Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Business description: manufacturing of automotive components utilizing metal plating press technologies

Main products: engine components and transmission components for automobiles

Address : Takashima city , SHIGA


Heian Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Looking For: Sales and Marketing Partner

Looking for a partner that can assist with sales and marketing of precision springs in Indonesia

We are looking for a partner that can assist with the sales and marketing of precision springs for various applications, including electrical equipment, communications equipment, office automation equipment, optical equipment, automotive components and medical devices.

We have a subsidiary in Indonesia and can carry out contract manufacturing of products.

Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd.

Business description: specialized in the manufacture and marketing of precision springs

Main products: Precision springs with wire diameters between 0.02mm and 1.5mm; shapes include coil springs (compression and tension), torsion springs and wire forming

Address: Ohta-ku, TOKYO


Komatsu Spring Industrial Co., Ltd.

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