A matching event for Japanese and Vietnamese companies

A matching event was hosted at the VJCC Haiphong KEIEIJUKU for Vietnamese companies studying Japanese-style management and J-GoodTech member companies.

On May 18, 2017, the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SME Support Japan) jointly hosted a matching event for Japanese and Vietnamese companies together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). This event was held at the Haiphong KEIEIJUKU conducted by the Vietnam-Japan Institute for Human Resources Development (VJCC). It was timed to coincide with a training tour to Japan taken by 24 management-level Vietnamese personnel studying Japanese-style management. Twenty Japanese companies participated in the event, mainly including listed members of SME Support Japan’s business matching website J-GoodTech, to socialize and conduct business discussions with Vietnamese companies.

From online business matching to a real forum for interaction between Japanese and Vietnamese companies

SME Support Japan and VJCC have worked together in the past, primarily on using J-GoodTech for online business matching between Japanese and Vietnamese companies. This time the two organizations built on this coordination to establish a real-world forum for interaction between Japanese and Vietnamese companies. The event schedule included group matching for groups of multiple Japanese and Vietnamese companies, individual business meetings, and networking meetings. These resulted in a great deal of mutual contact and exchange.

VJCC Haiphong KEIEIJUKU venue,1

VJCC Haiphong KEIEIJUKU venue,1

Some Japanese companies in the individual business meetings promised to visit Vietnam for the purpose of collaborating with Vietnamese companies

JICA has established Institutes for Human Resources Development in nine Asian countries, where it works to support training for local business talent and building networks with Japanese companies. The Haiphong KEIEIJUKU is part of this support work, and the companies participating in the class had spent around 10 months studying Japanese-style management in Vietnam. The Vietnamese companies that participated in this matching event are highly interested in Japanese-style personnel management methods, quality control, the 5S methodology, and other such Japanese topics. They had many questions for the Japanese companies in attendance.

VJCC Haiphong KEIEIJUKU venue, 2

VJCC Haiphong KEIEIJUKU venue,2

The individual business meetings were limited to 30 minutes each. Japanese companies interested in expanding their operations into Vietnam engaged in vigorous discussions with Vietnamese companies hoping to expand their business by working with Japanese enterprises. Some of the Japanese companies in these meetings promised to visit Vietnam to link up with Vietnamese companies for business partnerships.

The Ho Chi Minh KEIEIJUKU is scheduled to visit Japan for a training tour in July. SME Support Japan and JICA plan to host a Japan-Vietnam exchange event at that time, too.

Conversation with Le Thi Hanh of the VJCC Industrial Human Resources Training Division

VJCC works to train local business talent and support network building with Japanese companies. I think this matching event went extremely well.

Participating Vietnamese companies had been studying Japanese-style management in Vietnam for around 10 months, and they had a high level of interest in interacting with Japanese companies. They were able to exchange opinions and information directly with representatives of Japanese companies, and they were also given the opportunity to conduct concrete business discussions with them. This was probably a valuable and significant experience for them. The city of Haiphong is Vietnam’s third major industrial city after Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. With its recent construction of a port and advancing industrialization, I expect that collaboration and interaction between Japanese companies and Haiphong companies will be stimulated even more in the future.

Le Thi Hanh of the VJCC Industrial Human Resources Training Division

Le Thi Hanh of the VJCC Industrial Human Resources Training Division