Frequently Asked Questions

Logins :

Q1. I forgot my J-GoodTech login password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please access the following webpage and request an email to reset your password.

Password reset page:

Q2. Are there any costs associated with joining J-GoodTech?

Registration and ALL other J-GoodTech services are FREE of charge.

Q3. What kind of foreign companies can be members of J-GoodTech?

J-GoodTech was originated for providing services to Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in Japan. However, companies in other countries can also become members andaccess available services, but only if they have been nominated by authorized overseassupport organizations that have exchanged Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) withSME Support, JAPAN.

Q4. What language can foreign users use on J-GoodTech?

Users can use English (Japanese) to enter company profile, make comments on topics, send inquiries, post needs information, and submit proposals to posted needs.

Q5. What are the benefits of becoming a member of J-GoodTech?

J-GoodTech members can use the following features:
1. Publicize information about your company’s technology, products, and services in Japan and around the world - SME Support, JAPAN manages PR about the J-GoodTech site.
2. Find information about the needs of companies in Japan and other countries (manufacturing / processing providers, technology partners, solutions for technological problems, etc.), make proposals, and exchange information.
3. Directly approach Japanese companies seeking to do business with global companies.
4. Take advantage of support and advisory services provided by coordinators at SME Support, JAPAN on business matching with registered J-GoodTech companies.

Q6. What kind of companies can we expect to be matched with if we join J-GoodTech?

J-GoodTech provides matching services with Japanese SMEs, selected by SME Support, JAPAN based on their outstanding technology, products, and services.

Q7. Where can I find information about successful cases of matching on J-GoodTech?

You can find J-GoodTech success stories on the following page.
J-GoodTech success stories available here.

Using J-GoodTech :

Editing company information

Q8. Who uploads and updates information on my J-GoodTech company page ?

Each user is responsible to manage information listed on their J-GoodTech company page.
We recommend you regularly review and update the information. Otherwise, other companies may not find your company page successfully in their searches.

Q9. Please give a simple explanation of how to edit our company information.

We have created a video showing how to edit company information on J-GoodTech. See the following link.
Video on editing company information available here.

Q10. Where can I edit my company profile?

After logging into J-GoodTech, navigate from Present Your Company on your My Page administration page to Edit Company Profile. You can edit your company’s profile on this page.

Q11. What kind of information can I publish on J-GoodTech?

You can post basic information about your company and highlights about your business (i.e., the strengths and advantages of your products or services).

Q12. Where can I edit my company profile?

The steps for editing your information are as follows:
1. Click Present Your Company on your My Page administration page
2. Click English for Set up company page layout
3. Click Basic Preview on the center left of the page

You can also watch a video showing how to enter and edit product and technology information.

Video on entering and editing product and technology information available here.

Q13. What information should be included in our PR material?

You should briefly describe who your company’s technologies, products, goods, or services are for (target customers/clients), where they are used (specific manufacturing processes or service processes), and what value they offer (what delights your customers).

Since the full text is included in searches, you should include all terms you think potential customers will search for.

If necessary, a coordinator from SME Support, JAPAN can help you develop your PR information.

Q14. Can our company information be searched after edits?

Yes, all the information you enter is included in searches. The more information you include about your company, the more likely J-GoodTech users will find you.

Q15. When will our edited company and PR information be updated on the website?

Edited company and PR information will be updated as soon as you click on the save button.

Q16. Can we upload videos to our company page on J-GoodTech?

J-GoodTech does not support uploading videos to company pages. To add a video to your page, upload your video to YouTube or other video-sharing site and include a link to the video on your company page.

Q17. Is it possible to add a banner link to J-GoodTech on our company’s website?

Yes, you can freely link to the J-GoodTech site. Please use the images on the J-GoodTech link banner page for the banner link. The J-GoodTech’s link banners are available from the following page.

J-GoodTech link banner page available here.

Topics” function:

Q18. What is the “Topics” function?

The “Topics” function is a bulletin board function for J-GoodTech members to freely exchange information about interests and concerns and network (or communicate) with other members. “Topics” refers to threads of posts on particular subjects, such as an announcement of new events and introduction of their new products.

Q19. Where can I learn how to use the “Topics” function?

Refer to the J-GoodTech user guide below for instructions on how to use the “Topics” function.

Topics user guide is available here.

Q20. Can anyone create a topic?

Only J-GoodTech corporate members can start a topic.

Q21. I’m interested in a particular topic. Can anyone post in a topic?

If you are a J-GoodTech corporate member, you can post to a topic.

Q22. If I create a topic or post in a topic, will my name and company appear?

Your company name will be displayed but your personal name will not.

Q23. Can I contact the creator of a topic directly?

Yes, you can. From the Topics page, select Inquiry to contact the creator directly.

Q24. How do I delete a topic I created by accident?

Users cannot delete topics. If you want a topic deleted, contact the J-GoodTech administration office (jgoodtech_cs2@smrj.go.jp).

Q25. How do I correct a comment I posted in a topic?

Users cannot edit posted comments. You can, however, delete your comment by clicking the Delete button on the right side of the posted comment.

“Needs” function:

Q26. What is the "Needs" function?

It is a bulletin board where J-GoodTech members can post their business needs information (recruitment of solutions for their technical problem, searching process consignment partner / reseller partner etc.), and may negotiate with members who respond with a proposal. Please see the following usage guide to learn more about the “Needs” function.

Q27. Who can view needs information posted through the “Needs” function?

Only specific SME members and partner company members can limit the number of recipients of their posting needs information. Otherwise, needs information will be submitted to and viewed by all members of J-GoodTech (SME members, overseas corporate members, major partner companies, Japanese and overseas support agency members and staff members of the J-GoodTech management office). In any case, staff members of the J-GoodTech management office have access to every needs information.

Q28. What is the necessary amount of information for the needs information entry?

In general, the more abstract your needs information is, the more proposals you may expect to receive. However, the strength of each proposal may decline. If you decide to make your needs information detailed, do not include confidential information in it.

Q29. Who can view the contents of the proposal and subsequent interactions regarding needs information I posted?

The contents of the proposal and subsequent interactions are shared only between the poster of the needs and submitter of the proposal. Members cannot see contents of proposals submitted by others.

Q30. What should I do if I want to have a meeting with a member who submitted a proposal for my needs?

Please use the comments function on your needs information page to exchange contact information.

Advice and introductions by J-GoodTech coordinators :

Q31. What kind of people are J-GoodTech coordinators specifically?

J-GoodTech coordinators are people experienced with product and technology development and procurement operations at leading manufacturers. They are also experienced in partnerships and conducting businesses with global companies at trading companies. Currently, there are about 60 coordinators at SME Support, JAPAN.

Q32. What kind of advice can I get from a J-GoodTech coordinator?

J-GoodTech coordinators provide advice on how to effectively use J-GoodTech to exchange information and engage in business talks with Japanese companies.

Q33. How can I get advice from a J-GoodTech coordinator?

Contact us by email at jgoodtech_cs2@smrj.go.jp if you would like an advice from a J-GoodTech coordinator. After confirming what type of advice you are seeking, we will have a coordinator with knowledge appropriate to your field reply to your request.