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  • Nagai manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    We have built up a track record in Japan and abroad by applying our unique engineering plastic forming method.
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    Our company manufactures and sells products made by forming engineering plastics. Our main products are insulation covers for stepping motors and capacitors, reflectors for medical equipment, printers and LED devices, and speaker diaphragms for automotive and IT equipment. We have many customers in Japan including Foster Electric, Namiki Precision Jewel, and Tohoku Pioneer. We have experience in delivering our products overseas to Japanese and Korean companies. We developed a matched mold forming method that features higher mold shape reproducibility than other forming methods. Our company has been applying this method to manufacture formed products from thermoplastic films and increase our business capacity.



    Nagai manufacturing Co., Ltd.




    1,900 Yen


    13 (Number of full-time employees: 0)






    967, Nagagami, , Iruma, 358-0032


    Miscellaneous manufacturing industries


    Kenichi Nagai   President






    [Company strength]
    Our matched mold forming method (registered tradename FILMOLD) is a unique technology. Our advantage is that we possess this forming method. We can form materials that are about 12 to 500 μm thick. We can also make use of the characteristics of upper and lower molds to form materials such as woven cloth, nonwoven cloth, and paper. Another advantage of our company is our capability to produce formed products that are differentiated from other articles. We provide reliable products to the world by making use of our reliable technology and quality power that we have accumulated to date. We have the strength to make proposals capable of satisfying various needs. We take pride in our strong connections to material manufacturers and our extensive information about materials. Our company has already obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Nomex, QMS, and EMS have all been settled and are now functioning as business tools. We also have a history of direct trading with overseas companies for more than 20 years and we are familiar with export work.
    [Business description]
    Our company applies our in-house 3D precision forming technology to manufacture and sell products formed from thermoplastic engineering plastic films. Our formed products are used in a wide range of applications. These include covers for stepping motors and capacitors, reflectors for medical equipment, printer and LED parts, and speaker diaphragms for automotive and IT equipment. We sell them directly to manufacturers of home electronics appliances and electronic parts in Japan and abroad.
    3D precision forming (various engineering plastics); formed product sales
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Our FILMOLD matched mold forming method has a number of features. It is suitable for precision parts because the mold shape reproducibility is higher than any other forming method. The mold cost is lower than injection molds, and trial molds are applicable to mass production as they are. Our method enables quick mold production and delivery, which is usually within three weeks, and our deep drawing includes vertical startup. Our vacuum formed products are mainly used for packaging materials, such as containers and trays. Our processed products are applied to high-added-value uses because they are used as functional parts. Our company is enhancing support for customer needs on the basis of this forming method.
    [Representative's message]
    Our company has been consistently engaged in engineering plastics forming since our establishment. We started our company by establishing a processing method for crystalline polyester (Tetoron) films, which had been considered impossible to form. Our first product was a center cap for a speaker for a radio-cassette recorder. We have been improving our processing technology for 40 years since then, mainly by manufacturing speakers. We can now form a remarkable number of kinds and shapes of films. However, it is not generally known among the public that plastic films can be formed with high accuracy in three dimensions. We will widely introduce our technology through various media outlets and provide our products to all kinds of markets that require precision and fine shapes.
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    Our FILMOLD technology is not well-known to the general public, so we must first disseminate the features and advantages of this technology for sales channel development. Our company has been promoting awareness of our technology mainly through the sales department. We have been responding to inquiries received through our website, and also promoting dissemination of our technology through exhibitions, press releases to technical media, and advertisements. Our own activities are limited, so we often receive support for sales activities from various trading firms.
    [Market share/Ranking]
    We are the only manufacturer capable of using the matched mold forming method for producing thermoplastic resin formed products, and particularly electronic parts.
    [Awards and media coverage]
    The 3rd Tama Blue Green Award, Excellence Prize, in the Technology and Product Category (2005).
    Journal of The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, "Thermoforming Technology for Plastic Films;" Japan Industrial Publishing, "Plastics;" The 40th Anniversary Magazine of the Converting Technical Institute, "All about Convertech," and so on.
    ISO 14001:2004; ISO 9001:2008.
    [Joint research and development]
    Registered trademarks: FILMOLD and FILBEND.
    Speaker Diaphragm (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2005-191993); Manufacturing Method for Thermoplastic-Resin Acoustic Diaphragm (Japanese Unexamined Patent Application No. 2004-228685).
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Foster Electric Co., Ltd., Namiki Precision Jewel Co. Ltd., Tohoku Pioneer Corporation, Onkyo Corporation, Panasonic Corporation, Sony Corporation, NEC Corporation, Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., and so on.
    [Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
    Direct delivery of speaker diaphragms to a Korean company; direct delivery of formed products to several local corporations of Japanese companies.


    Kanto Head Office





    • 株式会社タテイシ広美社


    • HI-Q MARINE BIOTECH CO., LTD.中華海洋生技股份有限公司

      Hi-Q Marine Biotech - core technology is "Zero Water Exchange Indoor Ecological Recirculating Aquaculture Technology." (ERAT) Hi-Q's Ecological Recirculating Aquacuture System (ERAS) includes: "Physical Filter", "Biological Filter", "Plankton Treatment System", "Ecological Cultivation System", also combine "Biological Agents" and "Antibody Formula Feed ", operated in" SOP Standard Operating Procedures ". This forms a good bacteria bed and a balance microorganism. Hi-Q's ERAS is a simulation of natural marine ecology; strengthening the system’s self-purification mechanism and capacity, quickly overcome the toxicity (NH3 ) and (NO2 ) in culture water, creating a long-term ecological balance mechanism for stable growth of indoor fish -farming. Hi-Q ERAS avoids natural disasters, land subsidence and sea pollution. Thus, it creates ecological balance and environmental protection, reducing production costs under a stabilized factory for high-density aquaculture. Therefore, Hi-Q won the bid of “National Breeding and Fish-Farming Projects” in Malaysia and Brunei.Hi-Q Marine Biotech has been in technology cooperation with the Taiwan’s Fishery Research Institute(FRI) under the Council of Agriculture(COA), Executive Yuan; and establishes strong relationship and successful joint cooperation in health science projects across the health science industry, the government, and the research institutes on the cornerstone of scientific based and empirical research. These great efforts of such roles by Hi-Q is to develop a high purity, high concentration of “Taiwan’s oligo Fucoidan” by using advanced biotechnology to extract the essence of low molecular weight Fucoidan from natural brown seaweed. Positive scientific results eventually come out to create a superstar health product named as "FucoHiQ Oligo Fucoidan (the essence of low molecular weight fucoidan). Hi-Q joins the technology cooperation with the experts at the FRI since 2008, After the experiments of cell and animals studies in selected species, there is innovation in the development of extraction to create the finest, natural quality and efficacy of Taiwan’s oligo via biotechnology.

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