Nisshin Spring Co., Ltd.

We make use of our accumulated spring manufacturing technologies to manufacture rings from wires of 0.1 mm in diameter. 
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We are a metal spring manufacturer established in 1973. We manufacture and sell wire springs, flat springs, and precision small springs, as well as rings, architectural hardware, and fashion products such as arm bands. Our products also include display parts and pin microphone holders. We have manufactured rings from wires of 0.1 to 10 mm in diameter. We meet various customer needs by making use of the know-how and technical power we have accumulated through spring manufacturing. Our company has many customers among major domestic Japanese companies, such as Seiko Holdings and Sony.



Nisshin Spring Co., Ltd.



10,000,000 (JPY)








3-7-15, Kyoujima, , Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0046


Manufacture of fabricated metal products


Yukimichi Sugita   Representative Director






[Company strength]
We are a group of professionals with deep understanding and knowledge regarding spring properties, which vary greatly depending on the material and use of the spring, and processing methods. We satisfy various customer orders by applying the spring processing technologies that we have accumulated to date. We can manufacture rings for various uses because we can handle wires of 0.1 to 10 mm in diameter. (Welding is possible.) We are committed to originality and manufacture products with unique development following ideas that are not bound by convention. We acquired a patent in 2014 for a circular metal part that is used as a link. Vibration or motion cannot remove this ring.

[Business description]
Our company manufactures and sells wire springs, flat springs, and precision small springs, as well as rings, architectural hardware, and fashion products such as arm bands. Our products also include display parts and pin microphone holders. Our integrated production system covers forming, welding, thermal treatment, barrel finishing, and coating. We also manufacture molds in-house as required. We manufacture products and parts for Seiko Holdings Corporation and Sony Corporation. They are used in various ways as parts for electric precision equipment and office equipment. We also apply spring manufacturing technologies in our own unique way to manufacture a great variety of fashion products such as arm bands and body piercing jewelry.

Metal spring manufacturing; other metal products

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our advantage is that we can apply spring manufacturing technologies to other fields. We produce ideas from customer requests and express them in design drawings. We make our own original proposals and also help other companies give shape to their ideas. We develop spring production machines in-house by combining materials and processing methods. We raise machine accuracy ourselves for products that cannot be created just by applying spring processing technologies. Our company has greatly improved metal wire processing technologies in connection with the various machines we have independently manufactured.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been dedicated to business with a management philosophy of prioritizing customers over anything else ever since our foundation. We are now highly appreciated among customers and organizations related to our business because of these efforts. We will promote sales by focusing on our original fashion products that make use of spring manufacturing technologies and our patented circular metal part. This is in addition to our existing spring manufacturing. We have absolute confidence in our ideas and technologies. We will continue to seek originality while improving technology and quality and reducing cost with subtle but bold ideas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company has opened a website and we are now ready to widely inform people of our products, technologies, and advantages. We will make the most of Facebook, Twitter, and other kinds of SNS. Sales staff specialized in IT have been assigned to proactively promote sales by planning and implementing PR activities and advertisements. Our liaison department shares information with the factory manager and other staff in constant communications to clearly and speedily handle external technical consulting.

[Awards and media coverage]
Grand Award for Company Making Sumida Energetic.

Public relations magazine issued by Yayoi, "No need to fear recession if you’re not just a subcontractor but have technologies."

[Joint research and development]
Patent issued for a circular metal part in the name of our representative (Japanese Patent No. 5627727).

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Seiko Holdings Corporation (mass production of precision springs, since 2002); Sony Corporation (mass production of pin microphone holders,, since 2006); Inaba Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (mass production of architectural hardware, since 2012); TOBU Railway Co., Ltd. (mass production of automotive rain gutters, ongoing).



  • 株式会社三栄金属製作所

    1946年設立の試薬・化学工業薬品メーカー。化学商社とメーカーの両機能を備えており、表面処理薬品の製販、吸湿機能付き樹脂製品「ドライキープ(R))」の企画・開発、 金属回収システムの開発、一般工業薬品・研究用試薬・設備機械の販売の4事業を軸に事業展開している。京セラ、村田製作所、ロームなど国内大手に取引先あり。海外では日系企業に輸出した実績がある。京都府中小企業技術センター、京都大学、立命館大学とそれぞれ産学、官民連携して、共同・研究開発したことがある。

  • アルジンド・パデゥアン・ムリア



    Eliminate the conventional blade change method,this machine provides the most convenient blade change. It features an innvative blade change design for safe, convenient and easy blade chang. Simply loosening the lock screws for pulling out the cutterhead for changing blades without need to remove belts,dust hood or bearings. Another feature inculdes easy sawblade change. The operator only need to loosen one screw located at the spindle front bracket for removing the bracket without need to remove bearings. Yhe side blade change shaft facilliate sawblade change and calibration. The new design simplifies the troublesome procedures in blade change. It not only greatly reduce dervicing time, but also provides added safety for operator and increased quality and effciency.