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  • MEC Co., Ltd.

    We are the only company in Japan to manufacture and sell electrodeless UV lamp systems.
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    Our company has designed and manufactured made-to-order production equipment and plants for manufacturers including Sony, Ebara, and Iwasaki Electric since our establishment in 1993. We recently started to manufacture and sell electrodeless UV lamp systems as our own product. The electrodeless UV lamp system market is dominated by a foreign company, but we are focusing on sales activities as the only domestic Japanese manufacturer in this field. We are currently making a new kind of experimental UV irradiation equipment for the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). It consists of a robot and an electrodeless UV lamp system without a conveyor. Industry-university collaboration is another initiative that we are actively involved in.


    • Microwave excitation type electrodeless UV lamp system

      Microwave excitation type electrodeless UV lamp system

      [Product description] The main features of our electrodeless UV lamp system are as follows. (1) High luminance: There is no electrode, so the lamp diameter is small, which results in optical performance with higher light condensation (2) Little IR (infrared light): The lamp diameter is small, so there is a smaller amount of quartz glass (a heat source). (3) Flexible lighting attitude: The small lamp diameter means that the lighting enclosure is less affected by gravity. (4) Lighting and re-lighting time is shorter: A shutter mechanism is usually unnecessary. (5) Wider dimmer control: The product is less prone to enter an overcooled state (35 to 100% possible). (6) Long operating life: The lamp is less likely to be degraded by electrode material, so the operating life exceeds 6,000 hours. (7) Easy to re-select the emission spectrum: This can be done just by replacing the lamp (e.g., mercury, metal halide, or gallium). (8) Less degradation of the mirror (compared with the competing product): The glass cold mirror is not a consumable. (9) Use of 200 V, which is the standard power source in Japan (this is advantageous when compared with the competing product): A step-up transformer is not required. (10) The optical mirror shape can be changed: The resonator and mirror are separate components. Our standard package offers 40-mm and 100-mm focus mirrors, and the 100-mm type can be used jointly in multiple units without losing high luminance. [Intellectual property] (1) Cooling Method for Electrodeless Lamp (Nozzle Type). (2) Lighting Method for Electrodeless Lamp (Soft Start). (3) Shape of Coupled Microwave Antenna. (4) Other. [Major facilities and equipment] Conveyor for 2-connected light experiments; robot conveyor for 2-connected lights, irradiation experiment (July 2015); conveyor for experiments (for design consideration); roller for nitrogen purge experiments; ORC Manufacturing UV351 illuminometers (2 units); AutoCAD (2 units).



    MEC Co., Ltd.




    25,350,000 (JPY)








    1-18-18, Higashisugano, Ichikawa, Chiba, 272-0823




    Nobuyuki Motozawa   Representative Director






    [Company strength]
    Our strengths are ties between people, and links between technologies!
    (1) We maintain personal connections and a network that was established by the previous president, who directly dealt with major manufacturers for 50 years as a sales representative. 
    (2) We possess knowledge and experience accumulated in individual departments that have planned, designed, and manufactured made-to-order automatic machines and equipment.
    (3) We can make use of people in our various partner companies. 
    [Business description]
    Our company has designed and manufactured made-to-order production equipment and plants for manufacturers including Sony, Ebara, and Iwasaki Electric since our establishment in 1993. In 2012 we took over manufacturing and sales operations for an electrodeless UV lamp system from ORC Manufacturing, which is the sole UV lamp manufacturer in Japan. We then launched a business with this as our own product. We are very focused on sales efforts for this product as the only domestic Japanese manufacturer. 
    Industrial machinery design and manufacturing
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Our electrodeless UV lamp system is widely used mainly in coating advanced films and curing after bonding of advanced films. This is because of its high luminance and long operating life. The market has been dominated by a certain foreign manufacturer, but we are confident that we offer the stable performance and detailed services that are expected of a Japanese manufacturer. Our product was entirely designed and manufactured in Japan, and can be used with confidence. 
    [Representative's message]
    The only available electrodeless UV lamp system in the domestic Japanese market had been offered by the US manufacturer Fusion (currently the European company Heraeus). Our product was originally developed and commercialized by ORC Manufacturing, which is a major UV lamp manufacturer in Japan, before we took over the business. Many users still think that there are no alternatives other than the foreign product, so we believe that sales will grow as our product gains more recognition. We also think that we should seek more opportunities to promote our company to overseas users as a Made-in-Japan brand. We also hope to actively work on development for uses other than curing to appeal to potential users in other industries. 
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    We will first work with machinery trading companies and UV device manufacturers to establish sales channels in Japan for market development.
    We currently conduct overseas sales only through trading companies. We are still considering direct deals with overseas companies. 
    [Market share/Ranking]
    Our electrodeless UV lamp system is connectable (the luminance of the connected part does not drop). This is why it is often used in manufacturing advanced films such as touch panels and LCD panels, especially for irradiating wide surfaces of 1,000 mm or greater. Only our company and a foreign manufacturer offer such products in the current domestic Japanese market. 
    [Awards and media coverage]
    Convertech magazine for integrated information on converting (March 2015). 
    ISO 9001 (JQA-QMA 11062, February 2004); Chiba Prefectural Business Innovation Plan (June 2014); general building contractor license (equipment installer). 
    [Factory (domestic)]
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Rintec (electrodeless UV lamp systems); JFE Steel (electrodeless UV lamp systems); National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) (experimental irradiation device with electrodeless UV lamp system); Iwasaki Electric (consignment manufacturing of electron beam irradiation equipment); Sony EMCS (stocker for substrates, deodorizing equipment, cleanrooms, etc.); Nichireki (roofing manufacturing line). 
    [Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
    Samsung R&D Institute Japan (consignment manufacturing of mechanical parts for prototype optical devices).
    [Exhibition History/Information]
    N+ 2014 (a general exhibition on materials and technologies that offer added value, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight in September 2014); Converting Technology Fair 2015 (January 2015, Tokyo Big Sight); Business Matching Fair in Hamamatsu 2015 (at Act City Hamamatsu, July 2015); N+ 2015 (a general exhibition on materials and technologies that offer added value, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight in September 2015); Higashin Business Fair (at Ryogoku Kokugikan, November 2015); Converting Technology Fair 2016 (January 2016, Tokyo Big Sight). 


    Kanto Head Office





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