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We design and manufacture inspection machines and FA equipment, and offer precision part machining.
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The pillars of our business are the machine department (industrial machinery design and manufacturing), and the precision machining department (mainly bearing turning). The machine department makes automation proposals for various fields, such as auto parts, electronic appliances, and OA equipment. This department has accumulated technological strength through industrial machinery design and manufacturing (e.g., inspection machines, assembly machines). They developed an automated urinalysis system using our color analysis technology, as well as an arm blood vessel detector, using control technology with LEDs. A joint project is currently underway with Tokushima University to develop an inspection technology using light.


  • Industrial machinery design and manufacturing

    Industrial machinery design and manufacturing

    [Product description] Our company manufactures various kinds of automation equipment (assembly machines, conveyers) and inspection machines (for scratches and dimensions). We produce about 100 units annually. We also emphasize skill certification testing to enhance the quality of our machine design and manufacturing. We have 15 first-class technicians and 9 second-class technicians within the company. [Authorization/Certification] Eco Action 21; joint R&D projects with Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, and Tokushima University. [Major facilities and equipment] Machining centers (2 units); milling machines (3 units); surface grinding machine (1 unit); cylindrical grinding machine (1 unit); 3D measuring machine (1 unit); 2D CAD (5 units); 3D CAD (2 units); electric design CAD (2 units).

  • Turning of bearings for racing and automotive parts

    Turning of bearings for racing and automotive parts

    [Product description] Our company conducts a wide range of bearing turning, such as ball bearings, as well as turning automotive parts and machining tool parts. We can provide high-precision, low-cost products in a timely manner. Our goal is to provide both mass-produced products with single-function machines, and high-mix low-volume products with NC lathes. Bearing dimensions: Outer diameter: 24 to 100 mm. Main bearing model number: 6201 6202 (turning for auto parts and other products available on consultation). Processing: Turning, notching, n-grooving, cold rolling, external diameter joggling, pinhole machining, ball hole machining, and so on. Materials: SUJ2, stainless, and so on. Monthly production capacity: Kawashima Plant: 800,000 pieces. Ichiba Plant: 7,000,000 sets. Past turning projects: Radial single ball bearings, angular bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, eccentric bearings, auto parts, and so on. [Major facilities and equipment] Single-function machines (280 units); NC lathes (40 units); grinding machines (20 units); CRF (3 units); broach (1 unit); machining (1 unit).



Yokota Corporation




72,600,000 JPY (Yen)


230 (Full-time: 160)


April, 1960




4-2, Kawashimamachigakutsuji, Yoshinokawa, Tokushima, 779-3306


Manufacture of general machinery


4,500,000,000 JPY (Yen)




Kenji Yokota   Representative Director


[Company strength]
There are two pillars to our business. One is the machine department, which designs and manufactures mainly auto parts assembly and inspection machines. The other is the precision machining department, which provides turning processing for bearings. The machine department has developed many automated machines for domestic Japanese and overseas customers, with customization according to their needs. The department staff members include 12 first-class technicians and 10 second-class technicians. This department has advanced technological strength, and has also focused on industry-university collaboration with Tokushima University. Their strength lies in the fact that they can discover detailed needs on the manufacturing floor by making use of their own productivity improvement activities for the precision machining department. The precision machining department maintains speed and quality in production, and produces 7 million sets of single ball bearings per month. This is one of the largest quantities in Japan. This department has continuously implemented QC activities for 33 years, and has focused on developing human resources. It possesses 280 units of single-function machines, 40 units of NC lathes, and 3 units of cold gear rolling machines to manufacture both mass-production products and difficult-to-machine products. 

[Business description]
Machine department: Our machine department makes automation proposals in various fields, including auto parts, electric products, and OA equipment. The department is trying to cultivate new fields by obtaining licenses for medical device manufacturing and sales as well as other efforts. 
Precision machining department: Our company has been turning single ball bearings and various other bearings, auto parts, and machining tools since our establishment in 1960. 
Other: We have 8 second-hand stores and 1 home center, mainly in Tokushima Prefecture. 

FA equipment design and manufacturing; precision part machining

[Strength of products/technologies]
The FA equipment developed by our machine department has already been adopted by major parts manufacturers for use in their domestic Japanese and overseas plants. The department can handle all processes from design and manufacturing to assembly and electric control for various kinds of auto part assembly, inspection, and machining equipment. Their main focus is on inspection equipment, such as devices for scratches, cracks, and incorrect embossing. The precision machining department makes use of cold rolling and other technologies. They provide customized turning processes in order to meet the increasing need for high-mix low-volume production, and cost reduction for mass-produced products.




  • 株式会社加藤研磨製作所

    各種精密研削加工を主力に 金型用部品、工作機械・専用機部品、各種治工具の製作などを手がける。多種多様な材質に対応するためにさまざまな砥石を用意し、平面研削盤では、寸法、平面度、平行度、直角度それぞれ2ミクロン以下の精度を保証。内面研削盤では、Φ0.5からの加工が可能で、外径との同軸度2ミクロン以下の精度を実現している。また、様々な測定機の使用や徹底した室温・湿度管理により、製品の寸法変化を防ぎ、万全の品質保証体制を整えている。

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