We have a track record in the integrated manufacturing of plastic parts.
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We are developing our business with a focus on the precision machining of plastics. We mainly deal with semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts. We have customers among major semiconductor manufacturers in which 20 to 30% of the related parts are purchased from our company. We provide integrated support for R&D of articles from design to trial manufacturing and commercialization according to customer requests. We have been accumulating extensive results. We have many joint R&D achievements with universities and private enterprises. We also participate in medical equipment R&D, and we are accelerating joint R&D with doctors and clinical engineers.


  • Precision machining of resin products

    Precision machining of resin products

    [Product description] We manufacture parts from single pieces using various materials according to customer requests. We process a wide range of resin materials from general-purpose plastics to engineering plastics and super-engineering plastics. We always prepare several dozen materials in stock. We can support customer needs from small lots to mass production. We can also make proposals based on our experience and technology. This includes the choice of the material and shape according to the customer’s use environment.







30,000,000 (JPY)








1017-1, Ohbayashi, Ohzumachi, Kikuchi county, Kumamoto, 869-1219


Miscellaneous manufacturing industries


180,000,000 (JPY)


Chikako Uemura   President






[Company strength]
We excel at high-mix low-volume production. We are willing to accept order from single pieces. We deal with fine processing and 3D modeling processing, as well as two-dimensional machining. We also support quick deliveries. Our company is characterized by doing business in our own niche area separated from the business of mass production companies.

[Business description]
We perform precision machining with a focus on resin (plastics) only, and we mainly conduct business regarding semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts. We also deal with custom-made R&D articles beyond business categories, from design to trial manufacturing and commercialization, in an integrated manner. We have been accumulating extensive results. We are also working on medical equipment R&D. We are actively working on commercializing articles we developed under joint R&D with doctors and clinical engineers.

Precision plastic and special resin machining

[Strength of products/technologies]
We work on trial manufacturing and modeling of development articles for major companies, universities, hospitals, and public research institutions. Our company has registered many engineers with extensive experience in the area of trial manufacturing and development. We are also establishing a system to assure a sense of security for our customers in transactions. This is being done by strengthening confidentiality and intellectual property protection. We are proceeding with medical equipment development, and targeting our first lineup.

[Representative's message]
Our company has been working with our customers to give shape to what was formless. As a result we have been able to acquire intellectual property in Japan and abroad. We hope to expand transactions for our products with a wide range of customers, including overseas expansion. We have taken on the challenge of all kinds of products, in all kinds of niche areas, without giving up. One of our trial products is now close to success. We hope to enjoy future development and Monozukuri craftsmanship together with many customers by making full use of our experience. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We are preparing to acquire ISO 9001 international quality standard certification (to be acquired in February 2015). We also aim to acquire ISO 13485 certification. We have acquired Eco-Action 21 certification (registration number 0008650) for environment preservation. We are also working hard to comply with customer requirements. This includes separation between products that do and do not conform to the RoHS directive in handling the resin materials we deal with.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have 20 to 35% share of the market for resin processing products for a certain major semiconductor manufacturing equipment maker.

[Awards and media coverage]
The Kumamoto Prefecture Corporation Society Federation.
Kumamoto Prison.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun; Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun; The Chemical Daily.

Eco-Action 21 certification in August 2012.
Acquired a license as a controlled medical equipment dealer (leasing) in June 2013: No. 5550404.
Acquired a license as a medical equipment manufacturer in January 2015: No. 43BZ200016.

[Joint research and development]
Kumamoto University, Sojo University, Kyushu University, Arao Municipal Hospital, Kumamoto Industrial Research Institute, Toppan Printing, Micron (former Elpida Memory), Suntory, Saishunkan, JR Kyushu, Terra Probe, Japan UNIX, Aishi Dental Laboratory, and Pikasshu.

[Transaction form]
Custom-made manufacturing and trial manufacturing and development.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Tokyo Electron Kyushu, Toppan Printing, Teradyne, Japan UNIX Suntory, Saishunkan, Izumi Motor Car.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]

[Exhibition History/Information]




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