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  • Iguchi Issei Co., Ltd.

    We offer ideas to save materials, energy, and costs by processing without dies and without machining.
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    We manufacture parts for precision equipment with sheet metal processing and pressing work. Our processing without dies is a method for manufacturing parts with sheet metal processing instead of using dies. We provide unique production systems that can reduce the cost to half or one-third of the original by manufacturing high-precision quality parts through sheet metal processing without machining processing. We have conducted joint research with a number of national universities of technology to reduce materials used in automobiles.


    • Kore Ikura® software for calculating quotations and evaluating metal sheet parts

      Kore Ikura® software for calculating quotations and evaluating metal sheet parts

      [Product description] Easy, quick quote calculations that had been only done by people with expertise in processing methods is now possible just using Kore Ikura® software if the user can read drawings. All that is required is to enter the information provided in the drawing according to instructions, which can also save time.

    • Processing without dies

      Processing without dies

      [Product description] Our method uses sheet metal working to make it possible to manufacture high-precision, high-quality products without using dies. Sudden design changes will not cause any delay, as dies are not used. This simultaneously saves the cost of making dies. It can be used for products under development and also to supply service parts after mass production is discontinued. More and more companies are interested in cost reduction realized with our technology, and sales have steadily grown since our foundation.

    • Processing without machining

      Processing without machining

      [Product description] Replacing machining processing with sheet metal working makes it possible to reduce the product unit price to half to one-third of the original. Precise bending work with a tolerance of ±0.05 mm for thick metal is now possible, so it can be used to make large parts. This versatile technology can be applied to many purposes in different fields. It generates fewer environmental burdens in terms of material and energy consumption compared to the use of machining processing. This is because there is no scrap generation and the work time is short.



    Iguchi Issei Co., Ltd.




    95,000,000 (JPY)








    4-10-1, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 1020072


    Manufacture of fabricated metal products


    6,300,000,000 (JPY)


    Issei Iguchi   Representative Director






    [Company strength]
    We can now offer 24-hour automatic operation to produce stable and high quality products. This is possible with integration of our advanced European-made machines and ICT by digitizing the experience, know-how, skills, and intuition accumulated over the years by our engineers and technicians. Strengthening our international competence for stable growth and productization with our intellectual property strategy is also our priority. This is done while promoting measures to avoid the leakage of engineering information and to gain intellectual property rights.
    [Business description]
    We manufacture and sell parts for precision equipment, develop various kinds of precision equipment and software, and provide factory and production engineering consulting.
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Our processing that does not requiring dies contributes to significant cost reduction and flexible response to design changes. Our processing without machining drastically improves material yield rates, and produces little scrap material. Manufacturing time can be also remarkably reduced. Our Kore Ikura® software for cost quotations allows customers to instantly and easily calculate the cost without deviation. This guarantees feasible costs for production so that the design department can estimate the cost.
    [Representative's message]
    Our innovative and environmentally friendly development of processing without dies and processing without machining realize reductions in materials, energy consumption, and costs. They have caught the attention of various businesses and organizations, and sales have been steadily growing since our foundation. The scope of demand for our products is quite wide, and ranges from equipment for OA, FA, medicine, analysis, measurement, and aviation to automobiles and more potential customers. We are fully committed to further growth and to contributing to the global manufacturing community from Japan with our technology.
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    Our sales group (G) has three groups: No. 1 G is for existing customers, No. 2 G is for new customers, and Management G is for major and overseas customers. Manufacturing G development staff directly visit a customer to quickly offer solutions when R&D matters are involved.
    [Awards and media coverage]
    [Awards] JAPAN Venture Awards 2013, Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, METI Minister’s Award (2013).
    Tokyo Metropolis Management Innovation Award (2012).
    300 of Japan's Vibrant Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs selection by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (2009).
    TAMA Environment Monozukuri Award, Director-General’s Award, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
    1st Shibusawa Eiichi Venture Dream Award, Encouragement Award (2006).
    6th Business Plan Contest, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Director-General’s Award.
    Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, “Press Working” (January 2014); Nikkei Shimbun (February 2013); Saitama Shimbun Newspaper; TV Asahi, “Tokyo Sight” (October 2013); Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper (September 2012); etc.
    ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
    [Joint research and development]
    A national university of technology: Research and development for sheet metal pressing technology realizing material and cost reduction for automobile parts.
    [Factory (domestic)]
    2 factories, Saitama
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Home electronics appliance manufacturer (consignment production, since 2011), printing equipment manufacturer (consignment production, since 2011), and the aerospace industry (consignment production, since 2012).
    [Exhibition History/Information]
    [2014] October 9 to 11: Asia Special Business Meeting (Vietnam). October 22 to 24: TECH Biz Expo 2014 (Port Messe Nagoya). 
    October 28: Exchange Meeting for New Technology Creation (Palace Hotel Tachikawa).
    November 6: Business Fair from TAMA (B1F, Shinjuku NS Building).
    November 13: Hitachi Appliance Inc. (Tochigi Branch of Hitachi Appliance Inc.).
    November 19 to 21: Tokyo International Industrial Exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight).  
    [2015] January 28 and 29: Sainokuni Business Arena (Saitama Super Arena).


    Kanto Head Office





    • 株式会社三ツ矢


    • 戸塚金属工業株式会社

      1962年設立の金属加工品メーカー。主に航空機用座席部品やOA機器筐体を生産している。精密板金、プレス加工、溶接、塗装組立など、さまざまな技術があり、多様な顧客ニーズに対応、業容を拡大してきた。自社製品の開発にも取り組んでおり、ボルトやビス、ナットなど締結部材を一切使わない独自の組立式ブースキッチンで、2014年の「JAPAN TSUBAME INDUSTRIAL DESIGN CONTEST」で経済産業大臣賞を受けるなど評価を受けている。イベント出展業者、店舗、見本市用、災害時の炊事場、お祭り屋台など向けに、拡販を進めている。

    • 株式会社いけうち

      産業用スプレーノズル、工業用加湿器などを製造、販売している。スプレーノズル事業、ソリューション事業の両軸で展開。スプレーノズル事業については、生産設備や環境装置含めて、さまざまな業界の要望に対応している。ソリューション事業では、スプレーノズルから発生する霧の特性を利用して現場の課題解決につなげる。ソニー、パナソニック、新日鉄住金、JFEスチール、トヨタ自動車、日産自動車、大日本印刷、ホクトなど、国内大手に取引先多数。海外ではIntel、Applied Materials、Lam Researchとの取引実績ががある。今後、海外展開を加速させる方針。