A front-line company of electron beam/laser welding also involved in spacecraft manufacturing
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Specialized in electron beam welding since its establishment, the company now conducts consigned processing work with the use of electron beam/laser. We are engaged in precision machining in a variety of industries, ranging from Spacecraft “Hayabusa 2”, space stations/rockets, jumbo passenger aircrafts, high-performance racing engines to items for automobiles, mobile devices and medical equipment.


  • Femtosecond laser

    Femtosecond laser

    [Product description] This laser is capable of performing non-thermal processing (ablation processing) such as cutting and removing biding molecules by irradiating ultra-high peak power compressed in extremely short time – femtoseconds. In the case of nanosecond lasers, byproducts of processing processes such as melting and evaporation remain as burrs in proximity to the holes. Femtosecond lasers do not cause any burrs or thermal effects around the holes because they can cut and remove binding molecules without diffusing heat around the processing areas. → Femtosecond lasers make it possible to conduct high-quality, high-precision and fine processing.

  • Electron beam welding

    Electron beam welding

    [Product description] Since electron beam welding is characterized by smaller heat input and smaller deformation amount than other welding methods, it has the advantage of shortening the manufacturing process if incorporated in the end of the process. This method makes the finishing processing after welding unnecessary in some cases, thus offering cost advantages. Also, it is capable of bonding dissimilar metals. It can thus help avoid tissue changes due to heating of the base material compared to brazed bonding, thereby preventing the welded part from becoming dull or losing its strength. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100, ISO9001 [Intellectual property] Welding method of stainless steel with Nickel-cobalt alloy and valve body attached with diaphragm. (JP4360461) [Major facilities and equipment] 6kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 30kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 15kW-150kV high-voltage machines, 42kW-60kV low-voltage machines, and 6kW-60kV low-voltage machines

  • High-power DISK laser

    High-power DISK laser

    [Product description] It is possible to weld materials that were considered as weak areas in terms of laser welding such as highly reflexive materials with the use of focused power-power laser. It has also been made possible by the exclusive optical head to simultaneously weld multiple parts. Also, since welding is carried out in the air, a wide range of tools can be employed in conjunction with this laser, including attaching the latter to robots and even automatic machinery. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100, ISO9001 [Major facilities and equipment] TruDisk10003

  • Laser brazing

    Laser brazing

    [Product description] [Features of laser] Since the laser has the fiber core of φ0.4mm and a short wavelength of 4kW / 910+940+980+1030nm, it is easily absorbed by brazing wires. [Features of processing head] The wire tip that touches the welded part can be used as a position sensor, which makes tracing of the welded part possible; the processing head can move flexibly in both vertical and horizontal directions in relation to the curved areas of the welded part; and it can follow the moving speed of robots, thus making stable brazing possible even at a high speed. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100、ISO9001 [Major facilities and equipment] Laser oscillator Laserline LDF400-4000; processing head HIGHYAG Laser Processing Head PDT; and Yaskawa Electric Robot MOTOMAN-UP50N

  • Laser cleaning machine

    Laser cleaning machine

    [Product description] 1. Non-contact cleaning: Cleaning using a laser beam does not require mechanical contact and therefore causes no damage to the base. 2. Environmental consideration: Waste liquid treatment is unnecessary because no chemical liquids or blasting materials are used. 3. High-speed cleaning: From the galvano scanning head, a maximum oscillation width of 50 mm is cleaned at once. 4. Cost performance: The running cost is almost entirely limited to the electricity charges, and the environmental conservation cost is low. [Authorization/Certification] JIS Q9100、ISO9001 [Major facilities and equipment] Laser mold cleaning machine and eraser fiber






85,009,000 (JPY)








651-6, Takane, Mizuho, Nishitama, Tokyo, 190-1203


Manufacture of fabricated metal products


Kunika Ueno   President






[Company strength]
Our company is always equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in the field of electron beam welding machinery and laser processing machinery. Taking advantage of our high processing technology unparalleled with other companies, we conduct precision machining in a variety of industries, ranging from Spacecraft “Hayabusa 2”, space stations/rockets, jumbo passenger aircrafts, high-performance racing engines to items for automobiles, mobile devices and medical equipment. We cover the processes from prototyping to mass production. We can also conduct processing work with the attendance of our customers. We also aim to enhance our capacity to propose solutions by establishing partnerships with excellent small- and mediem-sized companies across the country in order to respond to the requests of large companies, which our company alone cannot meet.

[Business description]
Consigned processing with electron beam/laser. We conduct processing work for a wide range of industries that require high-quality and high-precision processing, including automobile, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial machinery, semiconductor and electronics. We also sell made-to-order laser processing systems, give technical guidance thereof, and develop and sell our own brand products (product example: laser cleaning devices).


[Strength of products/technologies]
Electron beam/laser processing enables welding with less distortions and high-quality processing free from cracks and burrs compared to other processing methods. This processing method thus makes overall cost reductions possible by leaving out some processing procedures. It is also possible to process complicated shapes. Also, since electron beam welding is characterized by its very high energy density, it can join dissimilar metals that cannot be joined with other methods. Further, the electron beam welding can make products lighter and more compact and realize cost cutting. Laser processing can perform drilling, cutting and surface modification processing. Ultra-short pulse laser can perform beautiful nano-level fine processing, while reducing the thermal effects as much as possible.

[Representative's message]
Established as a company specialized in electron beam welding in 1977, our company has become the company that has the largest market shares in the Japanese market of consigned processing with electron beam and laser. I was appointed as president in 2012 succeeding the founder. Positively interpreting changes as progress, I would like to gradually develop the company with the corporate statement “Keep moving forward!!” As a first step, we built a new factory in Fukuoka Prefecture in order to firmly establish our profit base and respond to the needs of emerging markets such as Southeast Asia. I would like to develop new businesses with possible alliances with other companies, while developing technologies tailored to the needs of overseas markets. 

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
We will create a position in charge of new business partners within the sales department as an information desk for large companies and overseas companies. As for technical consultations, personnel in charge in the engineering and sales departments respond to them, including visiting the customers in person as needed as a way to respond to their inquiries in a sincere manner. The sales manager takes leadership in responding to new customers, including overseas business partners, at the same time striving to collect and manage relevant information.

[Market share/Ranking]
The company has 11 units of electron beam devices and 40 units of laser processing machines. It has the largest market shares in the domestic market of consigned processing.

[Awards and media coverage]
[Awards] “Nikkei Manufacturing Award” / 100 IT Companies “Best Company Award” / Courageous Management Award of Excellence / Selected as one of “300 Active Small- to Medium-sized Manufacturing Companies Working for the Future of Japan” / Recognized as “IT Management Practice Company” in Small-to Medium-sized Companies IT Management Award / “Best Award in Company Section of Nippon New Business Creation Award / (Green Award) Award of Excellence in Management Section of “Tama Blue/Green Award /Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Industry and Labor Affairs, Director-General’s Award (Management Sector Special Prize).
[Media] TV Tokyo “Dawn of Gaia / TBS “Broadcaster” / TV Tokyo “E morning” / Nikkei Industry Newspaper “Shigotonin Hiroku” / JAXA’S “Made-in-Japan going to the universe” / Nikkei Business “Always the most advanced equipment, etc.

ISO9001, JISQ9100, Nadcap (laser welding and laser cussing processes), New Partnership Certification, and Sapoin Cerftiifcation 

[Joint research and development]
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology and Nihon University (Development of high-performance chemical synthesis technology that contributes to quick and efficient fine particle synthesis, 2007-2009); Fukushima High-Technology Plaza (Research and development of fine welding technology in technology of lead-free mounting of micro items)

[Factory (domestic)]
Headquarters Plant (Mizuho Town, Tokyo Prefecture), Hamura Plant (Hamura City, Tokyo Prefecture), Koriyama Technical Center (Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture), and Kyushu Office (Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture)

[Transaction form]
From one-item small-quantity processing to mass processing. Consigned processing, OEM agreements, joint development, and license agreements. 

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
From one-item small-quantity processing to mass processing. Consigned processing, OEM agreements, joint development, and license agreements. 

[Exhibition History/Information]
「nano tech 2011.2013」/SEMICON Taiwan2012/Display Taiwan 2013/SEMICON china2013“Aerospace Industry Exhibition Tokyo (ASET) 2014” / “2010 International Welding Show”/ Display Taiwan 2013 / SEMICON china 2013