Manufacturing energy-saving, precision air conditioners using precise HVAC control technology
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We are a proposal-based engineering company with a high level of  technological strength in HVAC technology. We have the capability to support integrated manufacturing of HVAC control systems and the energy- saving systems.
Our STC air conditioner, for production that requires micrion-order precision, can provide large cooling capacity. It can design a proper air current for air conditioning and build up a stable environment for machinery.


  • Precision Constant-temperature Environmental Unit, STCube

    Precision Constant-temperature Environmental Unit, STCube

    [Product description] We have investigated thoroughly what is the condition required for the stabilization of machinery. The design of this precise environment instrument was focused in terms of high precision within ±0.5 deg.C and low cost together. The target to control is not only a temperature. The environment which was optimized by the overall design including the air circulation in consideration of characteristics of work in the booth, will be the key points of high quality, high precision and high reliability in the production activity. By the utilization of our own high quality "refrigerant reheat" method, which was taken into account of environment aspect and do not waste the energy, both of the precision and the energy saving were achieved. The feature of this system is its large cooling ability and large airflow in spite of its high precision. We can also provide measurement system because recoding and monitoring of system are necessary to maintain the environment optimized.

  • Precision air conditioning of the whole plant.

    Precision air conditioning of the whole plant.

    [Product description] In various plants, the precision of condition in room is possible to be adjusted from ±0.3 deg.C as temperature and from RH±3% as humidity. We can design the condition in accordance with the purpose and needs. We can provide the ultra energy saving type constant temperature and humidity plant in which cool and hot waters will be used. In addition, by the design of the circulation of air conditioning, this system is useful for the removal of floating dust and oil mist and the working environmental improvement is possible.

  • The improvement of energy saving at production site. Active use of outdoor air: The energy saving hot water supply by Eco-cute.

    The improvement of energy saving at production site. Active use of outdoor air: The energy saving hot water supply by Eco-cute.

    [Product description] Are you wasting the air conditioning energy by the steam from plant and ventilation ? Do you know that the energy efficiency and CO2 suppressant effect is higher in case of Eco-cute than hot water supply by boiler. Do you think that the utility of solar panel is only for electric generation ? Do you think that the utilization of heat pump is to warm up and to cool down ? The most important thing is to consider how to obtain the energy necessary. Is not it possible to reuse the energy to be abandoned ? Is the energy is heat or electricity ? By total imaging and design of system, the energy saving will be achieved not only by the reduction of usage but also by the reuse.

  • High- and low-temperature testing and other specific testing equipment

    High- and low-temperature testing and other specific testing equipment

    [Product description] Aging and high/low temperature function tests for electronic parts to finished products are possible with this system. It has a range of uses from electronic devices to mounting substrates, products, and various other applications. In addition, it can be in-lined to production lines from temperatures as low as -40 °C to as high as 125 °C. In addition, it can freely and precisely control heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification for constant low-temperature drying machines, ultra-high-precision high-temperature furnaces, etc. Our company provides total support from the equipment mechanism design to production. [Intellectual property] Automatic Thermal Shock Testing System (Japanese Patent No 4665218).

  • Environment testing room; from durability test to environment simulation.

    Environment testing room; from durability test to environment simulation.

    [Product description] We deal with the planning, design and construction to create the environmental conditions with various temperature and the humidity by setting up any indoor environment such as the life-cycle testing room and evaluation testing room; Calorie meter. You can select and obtain the measurement equipment and/or the software suitable to your tests from our product line.







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[Company strength]
Our company started with a base in technology cultivated during many years of service as an exclusive duty engineer for special business cases of a major equipment construction company. Our motto is to provide a system with high cost effectiveness, based on precise calculations and plenty of experience in the workplace. In addition, our company has a strong capacity to propose proper systems at production sites. This is because we have ample knowledge of heat generation loads and operation conditions of machinery due to our wealth of experience as a precision machine development engineer.

[Business description]
We are a proposal-based engineering company based on a high level of technological strength in HVAC technology which is represented by heat pumps. We have the capability to deal with integrated manufacturing of  precise HVAC control systems and energy-saving systems, from planning and design to responsibility for construction. Our company's typical business is integrated manufacturing from the design of specific, precise systems such as an environmental test rooms and temperature test equipment. In addition, we are engaged in the manufacture, sale, and installation of energy-saving, precise air conditioner, as our own products. These products are for production sites where the thermal load is high and fluctuates. We exel in proposals for energy-saving.

Construction industry

[Strength of products/technologies]
Our STC precision air conditioner is a unique air conditioner developed for production sites where micron-order precision is required under a large heat generation load and load fluctuation during precision machining and assembly. This air conditioner stably achieves the best environment for machinery with temperature variation of ±0.2 to 1.0 °C, and offers a large cooling capacity and large volume of air flow to cover a wide area. This is based on our technological strength in designing optimal air circulation. We can also provide energy-saving proposals considering various uses of energy, such as air conditioning and hot-water supplies, based on our highly specialized HVAC and machine technologies and our experience at production sites.

[Representative's message]
Our company is engaged in proposal type engineering. We have strong capabilities to carry out front-to-back production work from planning and design to responsibility for construction in order to realize precise HVAC control and energy saving in the system. This is based on our high level of special technological strength in HVAC heat-pump technology and precision machine development technology. It is also the result of our practical know-how from many years of experience at actual production and construction sites.
In addition, we have absolute confidence in our ability to achieve the precise conditions required in advanced industrial fields by uniting our deep knowledge of precision machinery. Particularly, our company's environment-related technology should play an important role in future upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our company hires people for overseas transactions who have experience working in foreign-affiliated companies and overseas business and we are perfectly prepared to do business in English. We have English brochures.

[Awards and media coverage]
Shizuoka Shimbun; Monozukuri Shimbun; Nikko Forum; Fuji TV (Hokotate).

New Partnership Support Program, June 22, 2007.

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New Partnership Support Program D02-031.

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Annex of Shizuoka Office

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Shizuoka Office

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Receipt of orders for trial manufacturing and development, joint development, contract construction etc.

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According to our company's conditions.

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Shimazu Corporation, Denso, JTEKT Corp., Toshiba carrier, Olympus Tatsuno, Toenec, Mitsubishi Electric Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Co.,Ltd., Yamaha Living Tech., Oji F-Tex Co.,Ltd., Rokuroku Sangyo, Yasuda Kogyo.

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Donaldson Japan, Chevron

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ENE-WAY; International Machine Tool Fair; Fine Precision Machining Technology Show; Difficult Manufacturing Technology Show; Mechatronics Technology Show; etc.