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  • Mihashi Co., Ltd.

    A professional manufacturer for original building and decorating materials 
    Our company has a motto of supplying products and services through achieving a beautiful and rich architectural space, and world-class technology and sensitivity. Our original brand “Sunment” is synonymous with molding in the construction industry, and we have a track record of delivering products to a wide range of structures from famous buildings to conventional houses. We have promoted the standardization and unification of manually produced wooden cornices, and were the first in the industry to automate their production, which allowed us to supply high quality, low price products. 

    Company Profile

    Corporate name

    Mihashi Co., Ltd.

    Web address


    80,000,000 (JPY)

    Number of Employees


    Established date


    Head office: Country


    Head office: Address

    3-26-43, Shirako,, Wako, Saitama, 351-0101




    Hideo Mihashi   Representative Director Chairman

    Main phone number


    Others (Comments)

    [Company strength]
    Our company was established in 1973 as a professional manufacturer of building and decorating materials, and started manufacturing and sales of our original brand, “Sunment” (wooden cornice). Since then, as company motto, we have maintained a supply of satisfying products and services, with world-level technology and sensitivity, in order to contribute to achieving beautiful and rich architectural space. Our original brand “Sunment” is synonymous with molding in the construction industry to which we deliver products to a wide range of buildings from famous historic buildings to conventional houses. 
    [Business description]
    Our company manufactures and sells interior and exterior decorating materials and building materials. 
    Manufacturing industry (building materials) 
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Our company has aimed to contribute to achieving a beautiful and rich architectural space through products and services since its establishment. We have promoted standardization and unification of manually produced wooden cornices, and were the first in the industry to automate their production to achieve a supply of high quality, low price products. In addition, we strive hard to develop our business as an industry leader. These efforts include researching a wide variety of product materials, including wood, polyurethane, EPS, FRP, ceramic and nonflammable wood, imported from 17 countries around the world and establishing overseas offices. 
    [Representative's message]
    Our CEO often goes overseas for business to better understand our customers and keeping our products development competitive. We aim to enter a wider range of fields from now on, moving outside the frame of interior and exterior decorating materials. In addition, we will proceed with product development in near future to ensure our products are used in the facilities of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. 
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    Our original brand “Sunment” has fortunately grown to become synonymous with molding in the construction industry, but we proactively opened a showroom “Kashoku Ichiba (Decoration Market)” of Mihashi Group, participated in construction and building material exhibitions, and register with municipality websites, in order to further expand our sales channels. 
    [Market share/Ranking]
    We do not have specific data, but believe that the market share is high since our molded products are used in most major restaurant chains, hotels and wedding halls. 
    [Awards and media coverage]
    Sankei Fuji – Full page (2014)
    [Joint research and development]
    Utsunomiya University 
    [Intellectual property]
    We own several intellectual properties (Including a trademark on Sunment)
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Our customers include Shimizu, Kajima and Hazama. We also deal with the following companies: Itochu Kenzai Corp., Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., Sojitz Building Materials Corp., Toyo Material Corp. and Marubeni Building Material Corp., etc.  

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    Kanto Head Office

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    Company profile in Japanese

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