Nissin Pharmaceautical Industries.

●Aiming to become a changing company for unchanging belief.
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●Inherited and good old tradition.
●Creation of non-competing products.

Sales Pitch1: Aiming to become a changing company for an unchanging belief

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A medicine easy to take is a " tasty medicine ", we think. Even though people have more opputunities to take medicines for healthcare, nobody is writting to take them if they are hard to take. Our challenge to generate tasty medicines will continue in the future.


●Lozenge with No.1 market share
As lozenges affect a throat, it is neccessary for you to dissove it slowly in your mouth. We are maintaining the largest market share by exercising our ingenuity for you not to crunch it up or swallow it, as well as by utilizing technogies to make medicines smooth and tasty on your tongue.
●Supper-long selling energy drink
The " TIOTAMIN-D " is our long selling product which was born in 1968, nearly half a century ago, and is still selling well even now. We have been repeatedly renewing and improving it to meet the needs of the times with its concept: " The product which our customers continue to love ", leaving the images of its first lauch in the market in the current product.


●Special technologies to alleviate bitterness
Since olden days, a proverb says " Bitter pills do good to the stomach ", but our medicines are not bitter. We can create medicines easy to take with the same efficacy, by masking bitterness with special technologies.

Company Profile

Corporate name

Nissin Pharmaceautical Industries.

Web address


120,000,000 JPY (Yen)

Number of Employees

140 (Number of full-time employees: 80)

Established date

April, 1947

Head office: Country


Head office: Address

80-1 Tadono, Koka-cho Koka-shi ,Shiga, Japan, Shiga, 520-3426


Miscellaneous manufacturing industries

Annual Sales

2,100,000,000 JPY (Yen)

Main business connections

Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co.,Ltd.,DAICHI SANKYO HEALTHCARE CO.,LTD.,Cocokara fine Inc.

Key Production Center (Factory)

Shiga Plant

Business Locations

Shiga city,HoChiMinh city, Vietnam

Tie-up Support Organization


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