Viku Furniture

We are furniture manufacturer that produce many kind of furniture made from solid teak wood, solid acacia wood, Solid Sungkai Wood, combine metal and solid wood, combine metal with glass, combine metal with upholstery, combine metal with rattan synthetic, upholstered items such as sofa, lounge chair as well
we are open for new development based on our catalog or based on customer's references.

Sales Pitch1: We made scandinavian and modern furniture made from solid wood, metal, and synthetic rattan

Public information


Furniture made from Solid Wood such as teak, acacia, mindi, and mahogany


Outdoor furniture made from metal or aluminium combine with synthetic rattan or leather or solid wood as well


Home accessories made from stone and ceramic such as sculpture, table ware

Sales Pitch2: Good Quality product with affordable price

Company Profile

Corporate name

Viku Furniture

Web address


1,000,000,000 IDR (Rupiah)

Number of Employees

30 (Number of full-time employees: 10)

Established date

March, 2012

Head office: Country


Head office: Address

Jl. A.H Nasution No. 98 Sukamiskin Bandung, 40619


Manufacture of furniture

Annual Sales

10,000,000,000 IDR (Rupiah)

Main business connections

Ateja for textile, Inoac for dry foam, and more,panemirate dubai, logo house, and more

Key Production Center (Factory)

Bandung indonesia

Business Locations

Bandung Indonesia,Bandung Indonesia

Tie-up Support Organization

KADIN Jabar - Indonesia,HIMKI Jabar - Indonesia


Ari Abdan   Mr

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