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Prototyping with metal 3D printer, mold, parts production
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As a pioneering metal 3D printer commissioned business in Japan, we create products that meet the requirements and specifications impossible with existing construction methods. Die casting, addition of 3 dimensional water pipes with resin mold, moldless modeling of automobile parts and so on, and also manufacturing uniform article such as artificial bone in the medical field. 

Sales Pitch1: We will produce prototype development products with short delivery times and molds with 3 dimensional water tubes arranged.

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The service features are the only metallic 3D printer consignment service in Japan that you want with 24 hours 365 days. You can make prototypes, molds etc. with short delivery time.


Metal lamination technology makes it possible to make complicated shapes or what we have not done before. Because it is a metal 3D printer, it can integrate and lighten it.


We are dealing with prototypes in moldless, developed products in short delivery time, high added value mold with cooling pipes arranged in three dimensions, etc.

Product and technology information

  • Making mold-less prototypes with metal 3D printers

    Making mold-less prototypes with metal 3D printers

    [Product description] Manufacturing prototype parts no longer requires mold making. The production time can be as short as a week. You can reduce time and cost by improving the development cycle. This method will surely be a great help in prototype development. [Market share/Ranking] We take pride in having acquired 80% of the prototype development market. The reason for this success is that we use metal 3D printers made by EOS. These printers allow us to remove the supporting materials while achieving a certain precision. [Major facilities and equipment] EOS EOSINT M280 (2 units); EOS EOSINT M290 (1 unit).

  • Making molds with 3D water piping

    Making molds with 3D water piping

    [Product description] Die-cast seizure is troublesome, but we can avoid this problem by placing 3D water pipes in the mold. The method also enhances the fabrication cycle time. We are the only company in Japan that offers 3D piping for die cast molds. [Major facilities and equipment] EOS EOSINT M280 (2 units); EOS EOSINT M290 (1 unit).

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J3D Company

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20,000,000 JPY (Yen)

Number of Employees

12 (Full-time: 12)

Established date

September, 2013

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1-30, Aburayachou, Minato-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 455-0815


Manufacture of fabricated metal products


Fumio Takaseki   Representative Director

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