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j's, Inc.

Introducing Sustimo®, which utilizes natural Japanese lacquer, to the world to realize “oil-free” living.

Sustimo® is a 100% biomass molding material that is made from wood chips and lacquer tree resin only, without using any petroleum-derived material. The molded products that are made from it solve traditional lacquerware's issues with vulnerability to drying and scratching.

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We develop products that utilize new Japanese lacquer techniques and conduct lacquer-related business.  Sustimo®, which is used for the product development that comprises the core of our business, is our overall name for molding materials, molded products, and patented technology that we have jointly developed with other organizations.  Sustimo® is a 100% biomass-molding material that is only made of wood chips and lacquer tree resin using our patented method, without using any petroleum-derived material. Using it in molding enables the promotion of a plastic-free future and the production of goods with the aesthetic value of Japanese lacquer.  Moreover, it solves the traditional lacquerware's vulnerability to drying and scratching and enables global expansion for lacquerware. Sustimo®, a molding material that does not use any petroleum-derived material, is a next-generation technology that is environment friendly and offers functionality as a lacquer material with an aesthetic value. 
Overview of main products and technologies
Sustimo® is a molding material produced by the heated kneading of lacquer tree resin and wood chips only (plant fiber).  Compression molding the material Sustimo® in a mold can be used to produce lacquer molding.  After that, it is coated with a natural lacquer and decorated with gold lacquer or lacquer painting. Then, final heat treatment is performed to prevent lacquer rash.  Japanese lacquer has two characteristics, namely hardening through the effects of appropriate humidity and enzyme, and hardening through heat.  The lacquer that you are familiar with through lacquerware is hardened through the effects of enzymes.  Examples of heat hardening include the baked lacquer on Nambu ironware.  Sustimo® utilizes the thermosetting property of Japanese lacquer. 
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
Products that use Sustimo® have successfully solved the problems related to conventional lacquer products.  This has made it possible to use lacquer products more easily in everyday life.  Moreover, because it has been transformed into a molding material, it can now be used as a substitute for plastics when making goods.  We are exploring possible applications for Sustimo® in a diverse range of industries and products.  At J’s Inc., we are working toward improving the lacquer industry with the appealing lacquerware that will enrich your life. Moreover, we will contribute to the global environment by working toward a plastic-free world.  If you are interested in using an innovative natural material, please feel free to make an inquiry. 

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