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Latest update: 04/02/2019 13:31:16

Nishihara Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines, gas filling packaging machines, and related devices.

Our company has been committed to packaging since its establishment in 1953. We have focused on preservation, packaging, and production technologies especially in food-related industries, while developing necessary technologies. Our company initially started to develop impulse sealing machines, and then moved on to develop and manufacture vacuum packaging machines, gas exchange packaging machines, bagging sealing machines, tray gas exchange packaging machines, and related equipment. We have manufactured medical equipment (hypodermic needles, syringes, and so on) and developed labor-saving machines in the automatic machine and production machine fields. This is how we have accumulated technologies that can be applied to other industries. Adding the NF Series deep-drawing vacuum packaging machines has enabled us to expand our product lineup to satisfy emerging needs for packaging. We will continue to incorporate the latest technologies into our product development to satisfy users. 

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Vacuum packaging machines
Our company offers vacuum packaging machines including desktop, commercial automatic, and factory-use belt-type models. We also provide deep-drawing and other types of vacuum packaging machines that we developed in-house. 
Our extensive lineup of chamber-type vacuum packaging machines enables customers to select the most suitable model for their packaging needs. 
We can make various recommendations for our customers, from low-volume production for over-the-counter sales and R&D to fully automatic types for production plants. 
Gas exchange packaging machines
We offer a wide range of gas exchange packaging machines, including desktop, compact, and multi-function types. Our method involves first evacuating the vacuum chamber, then gas-exchange packaging the object using inert gas such as nitrogen, carbonic acid, or mixed gas. Our original gas exchange method expands a bag well enough for packaging. 
Deep-drawing type vacuum packaging machine
This is a multi-function deep-drawing vacuum packaging machine, which we independently developed.
Our NF20 deep-drawing vacuum packaging machine is a compact, high-performance model suitable for small to medium-scale production. The main units are made of stainless steel, and are designed to be easy to clean. Instructions on the control panel are shown in Japanese in standard models. You can select Easy Open, I Cut, or other methods for product opening.
Gas exchange, auto charging, and other additional systems are available as options. We offer a wide range of options for this machine, and you can choose Easy Open, I Cut, and other options for opening the product. Operation is simple, and maintenance is made easy.
Medical devices
Our company designs and manufactures automatic sharpening machines and CNC grinding machines for hypodermic needles in the medical device field, as well as syringe assembling machines. We also design and manufacture various other automatic machines as well as custom-built machines. 

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We will enhance our emphasis on technology development to satisfy everyone’s expectations as a technology-oriented company. We also hope to work hard to contribute to society. 

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