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Latest update: 30/05/2017 18:02:16

Yamauchi Vinil Kakou Co., Ltd.

Custom-made vinyl chloride and polyethylene processed products

We manufacture and sell vinyl chloride and polyethylene processed products, mainly custom-made products including notebook covers, files, contract cases, vehicle inspection certificate cases, armbands and patches. We also handle the processing of blue sheets (in tens of square meters) and vinyl sheets, according to our customers’ needs. Our customers include Toppan Printing, Dai Nippon Printing, Oji Paper, Nippon Paper, North Pacific Bank, Hokkaido Bank, and Dentsu. The processing of vinyl chloride involves many manual processes. Therefore, we have a skilled workforce and a system for handling all requests.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
We are highly experienced at reviewing and improving the layout and details for ready-made products that are not easy to use. For example, we can prepare the specifications for accessories, such as color, shape, printing of name, etc., and business card pockets, while consulting with the customer. We can also modify the specifications to fit the storage space by widening or narrowing the width of the bag, according to the request of the printing company, etc. for using bags in which the company intends to put many documents, or reduce the number of inner pockets to lower the cost.

[Business description]
Our primary business is processing and sales of vinyl chloride, polyethylene and other materials, a large portion of which is used to manufacture custom-made products. We process various vinyl chloride products, such as notebook covers, files, contract cases, vehicle inspection certificate cases, armbands and patches. We also process blue sheets (in tens of square meters) and vinyl sheets.

Processing and sales of vinyl, polyethylene and other materials

[Strength of products/technologies]
The processing of vinyl chloride involves many manual processes, which requires skilled workers and advanced technology. We provide such services and are highly evaluated by major companies with strict quality requirements. Therefore, our company has a leading position in the industry. In addition, we can flexibly procure the necessary raw materials from major manufacturers because of our high reputation in the industry. Furthermore, we make every effort to deliver the products without delay, including special express orders.

[Representative's message]
During our history of 53 years, we have established a customer base that includes printing companies, paper manufacturers and financial institutions, providing a range of services from processing of vinyl chloride and polyethylene for blue sheets and flameproof sheets, to hot stamping and laminate processing. We will continue to expand our inventory of knowledge and technologies, conduct research and development of new products, introduce facilities, and cultivate human resources, to ensure that we always meet our customers’ needs.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Sales activities are handled by our directors and sales representatives at the head office and Sapporo branch. The details of customer requests are transmitted to our production factories and the delivery schedules are monitored. Cooperation between the sales representatives and factory representatives is essential and is achieved through close communication. With respect to expanding sales channels and overseas business, we will respond to inquiries in the same manner as we do for our domestic customers, and do our utmost to fulfill customers’ requests.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have the top market share in Hokkaido.

[Awards and media coverage]
Good Design Award (2007)

Website of Sapporo City (Introduction of companies with Sapporo Style certification)

Sapporo Style certification, Agency of Achilles Corp.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Oji Paper Co., Ltd., Nippon Paper Co., Ltd., North Pacific Bank, Ltd., The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. and Dentsu Corp.

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