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Nissin Giken Co., Ltd.

We design and manufacture ventilators, dust collectors, and so on for environmental and industrial plants.

We supply rationalization equipment and environmental equipment using ventilators to factories in all industrial categories. These include steel, mining, chemicals, printing, paper making, food, semiconductors, electronic material, and solar cell panels. Our environmental protection equipment for public institutions has been adopted by municipal and local authorities throughout Japan. We independently developed an air-flow-rotating non-powered separator used for pneumatic transport equipment, which is a core technology for achieving space-saving. We handle high-speed, high-efficiency small rotor wheels. We have acquired a high share of the market for turbofans for raw sewage disposal treatment plants, and so on.


Other presentation

[Company strength]
Our rationalization equipment and environmental equipment that make use of ventilators are employed in factories in various industrial categories. These include steel, mining, chemicals, printing, paper making, food, semiconductors, electronic materials, and solar cell panels. Our environmental protection equipment for public institutions have been installed by municipal and local authorities throughout Japan. We conduct R&D for products and equipment that can handle all kinds of conditions, under our corporate philosophy of being able to offer the highest-quality products that satisfy customer needs.

[Business description]
Our company develops, designs, manufactures, and sells ventilators and dust collectors (mostly built-to-order).
Ventilators for industrial plants: We offer turbo ventilators, multi-step turbo ventilators, sirocco fans, axial flow fans, cut blowers, and special-purpose ventilators.
Dust collectors: We supply extra-large vacuum cleaners for preventing pollution and improving work environments, dust collectors for minute dust collection, dust collectors for exhaust gas filtration, and dust collectors for ordinary dust.
Pneumatic transport equipment (articles are conveyed by airflow): We offer slip recovery equipment, collectors for slitter loss tape, and concentrated collectors for loss films.
Environment-related equipment: We supply low-noise ventilators, soundproofing and sound insulation equipment, local exhaust equipment, and deodorizing equipment.

Air compressor, gas compressor, and ventilator manufacturing

[Strength of products/technologies]
We have established advanced air flow control technology by making use of simulation data of interior air flow in CAD-designed equipment. We also make use of the data we have been accumulating for many years, and right up to the present day. We apply this technology to manufacture high-efficiency, low-noise ventilators and high-performance dust collectors, which are designed to minimize maintenance time and to satisfy special purposes. We receive high evaluations from every industry. We have independently developed an airflow-rotating non-powered separator to be used for pneumatic transport equipment, which is a core technology for achieving space-saving. Our original technology also includes high-speed rotary wheels, which contribute to achieving high efficiency and small-size products.

[Representative's message]
We produce about 1,000 products a year and the number of products for overseas customers is also increasing year by year. The number of inquiries from overseas customers has been increasing in recent years, which is due to the good performance of the products we have delivered. We have delivered a total of more than 20,000 articles in Japan and abroad since our foundation. We hope to further make use of this performance to promote commercialization from innovative technology development with the goal of expanding promising markets in Japan and overseas.

[Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
Our corporate system consists of our sales department (five staff members), which serves as the point of contact for sales, and the design and development departments, which provide follow-up. We accept orders and manufacture products for ships and energy-related products throughout the year. We also design and manufacture several pieces of equipment for large overseas projects every year. This is why we can provide support in English, except for very special cases. We also have experience in overseas parts procurement. We are strengthening our human resource development and staff recruiting every year. We are reinforcing our human resources with linguistic capabilities.

[Market share/Ranking]
We have a high market share in niche markets We have a market share of 85% or more of the market for dryer fans for offset rotary printing. We have a share of 100% for turbo fans for raw sewage pre-treatment plants, more than 60% for fans for washing and drying for the baking industry, and so on.

[Awards and media coverage]

Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, “Snow Removal with Minimum Cost” (March 4, 2013). 

Acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. 
Ordinary licensed contractor authorization: Machine tool construction and piping works.
Demonstration Support Project and Prototype Support Project selection for the Monozukuri Support/Promotion Project, by the National Federation of Small Business Associations.

[Joint research and development]
Joint research: Osaka University (4 projects), Osaka Prefectural University (2 projects), Kansai University (2 projects), Hyogo Prefectural University (1 project), and University of Fukui (1 project).
Joint research with public institutes: Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Industry-Academia Seeds Innovation Project, (2006); Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center, public-recruitment joint research project (2012); National Federation of Small Business Associations, Monozukuri Support/Promotion Projects, Demonstration Support Project (2009), and Prototype Development Support/Subsidy (2012). 

[Intellectual property]
We have filed three patent applications.

[Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
Kokuyo, TSK, F-Vehicle, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kobe Steel, TSC, AGT, Kobe Steel Environment Solution, Kobe Steel Engineering and Maintenance, and Kubota Environment Service.

[Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
Shipboard ventilators for domestic Japanese and overseas ship owners (for auxiliary boilers and onboard incinerators); ventilators for industrial and environmental plants.USA, China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt, and Cambodia.

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