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Latest update: 27/06/2017 02:19:07

PDS Co., Ltd.

We offer optimal solutions to solving issues involved in wrapping and material handling equipment.

Our main business is wrapping and material handling equipment design, manufacturing, implementation, and engineering. We are developing our business both in Japan and overseas. In Japan we have a track record of delivering systems including a floor mat wrapping and packaging system and a wrapping, inspection, packaging, and automatic storage system for powder foods. In our overseas business we have delivered systems including a film transfer and packaging system and a filling and wrapping system for food raw materials. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions for customer needs and expand our business by bringing together our knowledge and expertise about equipment design, manufacturing, and engineering.


[Product description] We have achieved smooth, high-capability palletizing by creating a 4-axis device consisting of X (transverse), Y (back and forth), Z (vertical), and θ (rotation) axes for servo control motion. Adopting this efficient mechanism means that the installation space has been downsized by 60% compared with previous systems. We make use of a mechanism that can expand and contract vertically, so it can also be installed in a factory with low ceilings. Our optional dedicated cart can be used for conveyance for customers who need to change the layout frequently. Two kinds of products can be simultaneously and separately loaded by making use of barcodes or QR codes. A vacuum method is adopted for product holding, so it can also be utilized as depalletizer equipment. Our development concept is to put safety first. Entry into the equipment during operation is blocked by a fixed cover, seat shutter, and area sensor. Installation work is easy because the equipment has an integrated structure. Note: The basic type is for unloading-on-floor type pallets. The equipment is temporarily stopped to assure safety when carrying pallets in and out.