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Latest update: 30/11/2016 18:02:12

Nikuni Co., Ltd.

We are a leading manufacturer of general-purpose regenerative pumps in the domestic Japanese market.

Our two main lines of business are industrial equipment and precision machinery. The industrial equipment division manufactures and sells industrial pumps, including our top-selling regenerative pumps. The division also manufactures ozone water production devices and coolant filtering systems for machining tools in-house. This is done while focusing on developing new products in the environment field by applying our pump technology and electronic control. The precision machinery division manufactures semiconductor and liquid crystal exposure devices (steppers) as a partner company to a major manufacturer. Our company possesses many patents both in Japan and overseas, and we are accelerating our overseas expansion by setting up an operation site in Thailand. 


[Product description] “Micro nano bubble” generally refers to fine bubbles less than 50 µm in diameter at the time of generation. These bubbles tend to adhere to underwater substances, and so they are often used to remove impurities from well water, industrial water, and circulating water, among various other uses. Our Micro Bubble Generator uses the Karyu Turbo Mixer (KTM) as an automatic air suction mechanism. Water and air are sucked into the KTM at the same time. They are then repeatedly pressurized by the vortex that occurs within the system to become dissolved into micro bubbles, without using the conventional, time-consuming liquid-level control. This system has fewer components compared to other fine bubble generators, it occupies less space, and can be attached to existing equipment where space is limited.


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