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Latest update: 30/11/2016 17:29:10

euglena Co.,Ltd.

We develop euglena foods with effects against atopic dermatitis and protective effects for the liver.

We promote R&D as well as production and quality management concerning euglena microalgae. We possess euglena volume culturing technologies and advantages in culturing algae in great volume. We supply materials uniquely produced by euglena, and also engage in R&D. Euglena has been found to have effects from the functionality of its paramylon in suppressing atopic dermatitis and protecting the liver.


[Product description] We possess the world’s only outdoor volume culturing technology for euglena. We also culture other algae outdoors in large volumes. Euglena is rich in nutrition and contains a unique component called paramylon. As a food, euglena is used for nutrition assistance with the various functions of paramylon. For cosmetics applications, the cell activating function of euglena extract is used. In the energy field, we are conducting research to convert fats derived from euglena to fuel. We are also researching applications of paramylon in pharmaceuticals. [Market share/Ranking] 100% share for euglena. [Authorization/Certification] ISO 9001-HACCP (acquired in December 2004; JQA certification). [Intellectual property] Methods of producing euglena containing a high percentage of wax ester and manufacturing wax ester. Agents to suppress purine absorption, to reduce serum urate concentration, etc. [Major facilities and equipment] Facilities for outdoor culturing, algae collection, and drying. Outdoor culture tanks, continuous centrifuges, and spray dryers.