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Latest update: 08/01/2020 10:43:09

Bellnix Co.,Ltd.

We manufacture industrial power supplies for a wide range of fields, including nuclear power and medical care.

Our company excels in manufacturing high-voltage power supplies meeting customer specifications. Our products have been widely adopted for industrial equipment in various critical fields, such as medical, communications, aircraft-mounted, rolling stock-mounted, and elementary particle research equipment. We are also actively promoting overseas expansion with many sales agencies in major countries in Europe, America, Asia, and Oceania.


[Product description] Our POL converters (non-isolated DC-DC converters) are among our company’s particularly appreciated products. They are used for such LSIs as FPGAs and ASICs to produce low voltages and large currents. In 2004, two global FPGA manufacturers adopted our BSV series POL converters as recommended power supplies. This great appreciation is partly due to their responsiveness in rapid voltage stabilization when there is an abrupt load change in an FPGA, which has a constantly changing consumption current. Other reasons include their high conversion efficiency with synchronous rectification and high output accuracy. The most advanced FPGAs are used for cellphone base transceiver stations, measuring instruments, high-speed cameras, endoscopes, and other equipment. These require high-level computational processing, and BSV series power supplies are used to drive them. The BSV-nano is the next generation in the BSV series, and it has further boosted our reputation. BSV-nano POL converters maintain the response speed and efficiency of the BSV series with a greatly reduced area ratio. It is about one-half to one-quarter (11 × 11 × 3.2 mm) that of the BSV series. BSV-nano was awarded the grand prix in the power supply section of the EDN 2010 Innovation Award for its great power of conception and technology. This award was presented in 2011. It is sponsored by the U.S. electronics information magazine EDN, and it is one of the most authoritative awards in the electronic equipment industry. We were the first Japanese manufacturer from any sector to win the grand prix.

[Product description] Our BDP series digital POL converters are new products developed exclusively for cutting-edge ASSPs. Recent ASSPs have extremely large current consumption. This is because communications networks require faster processing according to the increase in communication using smartphones and other terminals and the transmission and reception of large amounts of data. In many cases, the most advanced ASSPs demand POL converters to vary output voltages during operation. The BDP series was successfully commercialized to meet this demand, using large-current (maximum 150 A) and digital technologies. Our company aims to be a leader in the digital control field by using our accumulated power supply design technological know-how and by maintaining our attitude of tackling difficulties.

[Product description] Our company’s high-voltage power supplies have an extensive sales record throughout the world. This is because of their new added value as well as their reliability and size advantages. Large power supply noise lowers the detection performance of the photomultiplier tubes used for blood analysis and other medical purposes and for quality management (image recognition) in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. Our OHV series provides low-noise 5 mVpp to these markets as added value. This is why many products in this series have been adopted. Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) require a high-voltage power supply with high stability when irradiating an electron beam to an object and enlarging an image. We released our NHV series as very attractive products with added value including ±50 ppm/°C temperature drift and ±10 ppm/1 min time-course drift.

[Product description] The market scale of non-contact power feed systems is predicted to increase from US$ 216 million in 2013 to US$ 8.5 billion in 2018. The market growth in four years is estimated to be nearly 40-fold. Our company has established unique non-contact power feed technology using the power supply technologies and the wealth of experience and great achievements accumulated since our foundation. Our patented displacement-resistant non-contact power feed structure (U-shaped structure) and non-contact power feed unit with high efficiency up to 94% indicate our status as a pioneer in power supply manufacturing. In March 2013, we marketed the Lucina electric assist bicycle under the Bellsports brand. Our non-contact power feed technology is applied in charging its battery. The bicycle is charged automatically when secured at a station. This eliminates troublesome battery charging and remarkably improves convenience.

[Product description] We have developed a great many custom-made power supplies, and we are capable of designing optimal power supplies for various purposes and use environments. This is based on the circuit technologies we have accumulated to meet various needs. We continue to implement new circuits such as high-efficiency, low-noise LLC circuits, active-clamp circuits, and phase-shifted full-bridge circuits. At the same time, we provide a wide range of solutions by combining digital control and remote monitoring technologies. Our recent DC power-feed and dual power supplies are mounted on green BTS (base transceiver station) systems from a major communications equipment manufacturer. This is to cut power peaks and maintain the supply of power even in an outage during a disaster.


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