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Latest update: 08/01/2020 13:52:40


Die manufacturer with a 50% market share in pull-top dies for beer cans

We have a proven track record in sales of press peripheral devices to many industries, with regard to manufacture of dies for the automotive field, containers and beverage cans. We are also actively supplying our dies to the ASEAN countries and China.


[Product description] We have a 30-year history of manufacturing dies for clutches used in automatic transmissions. In particular, we are capable of applying the fine blanking method using a general press for shear plane of clutch plates, which produces 70–90% of plate thickness. We also engage in development of dies with 100,000 shot NO polishing for extended die life. Products molded with our dies are adopted by domestic major auto makers as well as those in North America, China, and Europe. [Market share/Ranking] Clutches [Major facilities and equipment] AIDA UL-4000 and MORI FB-8000 trial equipment Machine tools - CNC JIGBORER YBM-640 and YBM-950V Ver.Ⅲ made by YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K. - C30 and C40 for simultaneous 5-axis machining made by HERMLE (Germany) - PRISMO Navigator made by Carl Zeiss - Many other machining tools see =>

[Product description] We design and fabricate dies that can punch cleanly through Cu and Al electrode foil of 8 - 10 μm thickness. These dies are highly rigid with 1 μm clearance and reduce burring and contamination to the greatest extent possible, providing die life that is 10 to 100 times that of competitors' dies.