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  • Zy Cube Co., Ltd.

    We have patents on the development of multilayer 3D LSI chips.
    We offer prototyping and low-volume production of multilayer (two- to three-layer) 3D LSI chips that overcome the physical limitations of conventional 2D LSIs. We also undertake basic structure design/circuit design, and contract services for module configuration and systems-in-a-package. Other services include: prototyping and low-volume production of TEG chips (LSI evaluation chips) and WLCSP (ultra-small integrated circuits); sales of TEG wafers for standard TSV (through silicon via electrode); and bulk sales of our independently developed TSV image sensors. Moreover, we have patents for a “Manufacturing method for integrated circuit apparatus with a 3D multilayer structure” and for “implementation methods for semiconductor chips.” In 2014 and 2016, we were recognized as a Yokohama Chizai Mirai Enterprise.

    Company Profile

    Corporate name

    Zy Cube Co., Ltd.

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    34,000,000 (JPY)

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    Institute of Technology Yokohama Venture Plaza, 4259-3, Nagatsudachou, Midori-ku, Yokohama, , Kanagawa, 226-0026


    Manabu Bonkohara   Representative Director

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    Others (Comments)

    [Company strength]
    We have improved and integrated the technologies developed in Electric SI, which is a government project on wafer-level and chip-level 3D multilayer LSIs. We applied the technologies as a superior composite integration technology for energy saving, low heat generation, noise reduction, miniaturization, etc. We produce high-functionality, high-performance LSIs and 3D module products with short turnaround time and at low cost. Our range of applications is diverse, including mobile terminals, PDAs, game consoles, PCs, servers, supercomputers, Internet-connected home appliances, robots, and medical equipment. Our offerings range from one to several chips through to large-diameter wafer TSV processing/3D implementation services. We have relevant important patents in and outside Japan, so we can guarantee high-quality services.
    [Business description]
    We perform the development and high-density fabrication of various semiconductor devices and heterodevices, as well as the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of advanced computer systems that incorporate the features of these devices. We also conduct development, manufacturing, and sales of 3D multilayer LSI devices, information appliances, mobile communications devices, and electronic devices. We design composite modules that integrate general-purpose technologies with heterogeneous MEMS or opto-electrical technologies. Other services include: material design; implementation design; prototyping support and prototype application; research, development, manufacturing, and sales of biological, physical, and chemical equipment; and acquisition, transfer, and leasing of intellectual property rights.
    [Representative's message]
    We overcame the physical limitations of the wiring microfabrication of conventional 2D LSIs, and achieved high-functionality, high-performance ultra-speed operation and low power consumption while developing new-generation implementation processes and reducing costs. We help productize new electronic systems with dramatically increased performance in less than half the time of conventional LSI development, by introducing new design technologies for 3D multilayer LSIs. Together with our customers, we achieve challenging targets and contribute to society by helping them to enter the global market.
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    We prototype new products, mass-produce products, transfer technologies, and offer joint development. We consider all designs, processes, materials, and facilities based on the customers’ requests for prototypes to provide the optimum prototyping services and solutions. In particular, we offer prototyping and low-volume production of 3D multilayer LSI chips and services, including their basic structure and circuit design. We also offer contract services for module configuration and SiP configuration, as necessary.
    [Awards and media coverage]
    Electronics Packaging Technology (from 2011).
    Yokohama Chizai Mirai Enterprise certification (2014, 2016).
    License for Type 1 Radiation Protection Supervisor.
    Qualification to participate in AIST open bidding (applied in December 2016).
    [Intellectual property]
    Patent Registration No. 5383874, “Manufacturing method for integrated circuit apparatus with a 3D multilayer structure”; Patent Registration No. 5401744, “Implementation method for semiconductor chips”; Patent Registration No. 5401743, “Implementation method for semiconductor devices”

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