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  • Koyo Co., Ltd.

    Precision sheet metal manufacturer whose motto is “Thinking and Acting”
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    We are a precision sheet metal manufacturer established in 2014 and engaged in the contract manufacture of stands, cases, covers, and other parts for semiconductor manufacturing devices, laser oscillating devices, FA devices, etc. We are also able to provide integrated order and production processing right up to surface treatment, in cooperation with affiliated companies with respect to machining and surface treatment such as coating. We can process various shapes at high speed through the use of three-dimensional laser processing, and therefore are experienced in handling a large volume of intricately designed parts, including pipe building materials. We also accept orders for punching or cutting, without welding.

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    Koyo Co., Ltd.

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    20,000,000 (JPY)

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    Yamagata, 997-0011


    Manufacture of general machinery

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    [Company strength]
    We have a staff of technical experts who are highly experienced in this line of work and who take a great deal of pride in meeting the customers’ needs and earning their trust. We have introduced “a three-dimensional laser processing machine exclusively for long pipe channel angle materials”, which makes a hole at one chuck and enables processes from cutting to tapping. We make full use of innovative processing methods for sheet metal and can manufacturing, which has resulted in fewer processes and improved quality. Welding and assembling of large three-dimensional frames is a particularly good example of our strength, as well as cost savings and speed.
    [Business description]
    We are a precision sheet metal manufacturer with a staff of highly skilled experts in this field. Our principal lines of business are precision sheet metal working, welding and assembling. We specialize in the contract manufacture of stands, cases and parts for semiconductor manufacturing devices, laser oscillating devices, FA devices, etc. In addition, we are able to provide integrated order and production processing that covers everything right up to surface treatment, made possible through our established partnerships with affiliated companies. We use the latest processing machinery in our quest to improve the manufacturing process by applying our motto “Thinking and Acting.” 
    Precision sheet metal working/welding/assembling
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Our product strength lies in our processing technology, which utilizes “a three-dimensional laser processing machine exclusively for long pipe channel angle materials”. The machine has an output of 4 kW and can process square pipes up to 150 mm square and round pipes up to  diameter 220. It can also handle a tap size up to M12 and plate thickness up to 9 mm in the case of iron. The elimination of jigs and improvement of precision is realized by fitting joining faces without a gap by three-dimensional cutting and using a mortise and tenon joint to form a mutually matching shape. We also have a 5-kW fiber laser processing machine, which can clean-cut iron plates and stainless steel plates up to 25 mm in plate thickness, and aluminum plates up to 20 mm in plate thickness. We are able to meet our customers’ needs through the use of these processing machines.
    [Representative's message]
    We are a new precision sheet metal manufacturer organized in November 2014. Our staff consists of highly experienced specialists who are artisans in this line of work and who are perfect examples of our motto “Thinking and Acting”. We will continue to increase our business by challenging difficult jobs that other companies are reluctant to do, and apply our innovative processing technology to manufacture products that prove worthy of our customers’ trust. We are always available for consultation regarding precision sheet metal processing/can manufacturing.
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    Our president takes the initiative in responding to customers’ needs, and four veteran salespersons cover various areas mainly in eastern Japan to visit existing customers and potential new customers. We also develop proposals and solutions to meet various requirements. We focus on SEO measurement and information updating of our website based on in-house production, and anticipate an increase in inquiries through our website. Presently, our sales are mainly within Japan, but we have a system for accepting orders from foreign countries.
    [Awards and media coverage]
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Extensive track record of deliveries, such as cases to major semiconductor manufacturers, SUS frames to laser oscillating device manufacturers, and cases and complete sets of parts to manufacturers of air conditioners for FA devices

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