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With overseas business history

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  • PDS Co., Ltd.

    We offer optimal solutions to solving issues involved in wrapping and material handling equipment.
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    Our main business is wrapping and material handling equipment design, manufacturing, implementation, and engineering. We are developing our business both in Japan and overseas. In Japan we have a track record of delivering systems including a floor mat wrapping and packaging system and a wrapping, inspection, packaging, and automatic storage system for powder foods. In our overseas business we have delivered systems including a film transfer and packaging system and a filling and wrapping system for food raw materials. Our goal is to provide optimal solutions for customer needs and expand our business by bringing together our knowledge and expertise about equipment design, manufacturing, and engineering.

    Product and technology information

    • Comfort II (basic type)

      Comfort II (basic type)

      [Product description] We have achieved smooth, high-capability palletizing by creating a 4-axis device consisting of X (transverse), Y (back and forth), Z (vertical), and θ (rotation) axes for servo control motion. Adopting this efficient mechanism means that the installation space has been downsized by 60% compared with previous systems. We make use of a mechanism that can expand and contract vertically, so it can also be installed in a factory with low ceilings. Our optional dedicated cart can be used for conveyance for customers who need to change the layout frequently. Two kinds of products can be simultaneously and separately loaded by making use of barcodes or QR codes. A vacuum method is adopted for product holding, so it can also be utilized as depalletizer equipment. Our development concept is to put safety first. Entry into the equipment during operation is blocked by a fixed cover, seat shutter, and area sensor. Installation work is easy because the equipment has an integrated structure. Note: The basic type is for unloading-on-floor type pallets. The equipment is temporarily stopped to assure safety when carrying pallets in and out.

    Company Profile

    Corporate name

    PDS Co., Ltd.

    Web address


    10,000,000 (JPY)

    Number of Employees


    Established date


    Head office: Country


    Head office: Address

    4-2-28, Aioichou, Chuou-ku, , Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0025


    Manufacture of general machinery


    Susumu Okuda   President

    Main phone number


    Others (Comments)

    [Company strength]
    We have an extensive track record of deliveries of our system. We believe that the most important factor for an equipment manufacturer is to realize a thorough-type system for equipment manufacturing. This requires the engineering power to accomplish such a system and the creative technology power to conduct in-house development, such as our Sosaku-kan system. We can support a range of layouts for the relocation of a new factory by making use of the existing equipment. We can make use of our Sosaku-kan system to conduct processes from trial manufacturing to design, acceptance inspections, and actual manufacturing of parts. We realize visualization in which invisible equipment specifications become visible. We deeply investigate issues involved in wrapping and physical distribution, which are hard to handle for hardware equipment manufacturers. This is done from the viewpoint of integrated engineering. We hope to create systems that can respond to genuine user needs.
    [Business description]
    Our main business covers system engineering and the design, manufacturing, and implementation of wrapping and material handling equipment. Thorough-type systems are required to perfect equipment in this industry, and we develop equipment for linkage portions and related devices. An advantage of our company is that we make use of flow system engineering in our innovative solution proposals, which cover production, wrapping, inspection, packing, storage, and shipping processes. Flow system engineering provides solutions to the problems of overburdens, waste, and unevenness, as well as useless space. We hope to provide reliable, innovative value by developing new equipment and devices in order to solve problems related to the different respective processes in wrapping and physical distribution. We do this by creating smooth linkages between flow system engineering and manufacturing steps.
    System engineering design, manufacturing, and implementation
    [Strength of products/technologies]
    Thorough-type system engineering and the design, manufacturing, control, and information  technology power that can accomplish such systems.
    Development power that enables trial manufacturing, design, and manufacturing of necessary link equipment.
    The creative power of industry-university cooperation, which made it possible to commercialize our newly-developed Comfort II gantry-type palletizer under the Monozukuri Craftsmanship Innovation Subsidy.
    [Representative's message]
    We can upgrade wrapping and material handling equipment from a conventional arrangement consisting of a listing of hard machinery to a thorough-type system. This is done by optimizing the flow line of the work and physical distribution, and by selecting appropriate capabilities. This is how the user can achieve significant rationalization of useless work that will not produce any profit. The equipment development necessary for this purpose is almost finished, so we have relocated our sales base to a location in front of Kobe Station. We are working hard to promote sales of our innovative wrapping systems.
    [Company structure for market development/overseas expansion]
    We moved our HQ and sales base to a location in front of Kobe Station and started work there from June 1, 2015. This was done in order to cultivate the market and for specific expansion plans. (We also plan to invite customers from local sites overseas in order to improve our expansion in Asia.)
    We conduct in-house training in order to refine our thorough-type system proposals. (Regular meetings are held once a month.)
    Our staff members have acquired packaging professional and logistics master certification (currently 2 staff members).
    We participate in the Packaging Academy of the Japan Packaging Consultant Association/Professional Engineers Association (currently 4 staff members).
    [Market share/Ranking]
    Our share cannot be evaluated because our products are related to multiple markets and multiple industries.
    [Awards and media coverage]
    Nippo Business, “Hoso Times.”
    Enterprise authorized for equipment installation construction work.
    [Joint research and development]
    We plan to file patent applications for the 3-axis driving system, Z axis expansion/contraction structure, and hand part structure of our new Comfort II stacking equipment.
    [Factory (overseas)]
    [Transaction form]
    Manufacturing will begin after approval on the basis of an exchange of specifications and minutes of discussions regarding the design and products. (The customer must provide full assurance of the basic specifications.)
    [Transaction terms]
    Based on a quotation (to be negotiated).
    [Main Clients / Business History (domestic)]
    Company S: Wrapping and packaging system for floor mats.Company M: Wrapping, inspection, packaging, and automatic storage system for powder foods.Company P: Inspection, packaging, and delivery system for rice cookers (newly developed equipment).Company F: Wrapping, packaging, and storage system for soap and detergent.Company T: Winding and cutting equipment for special cloth (newly developed equipment).Company T: Collection, wrapping, and packaging system in a frozen food factory (newly developed equipment).
    [Main Clients / Business History (overseas)]
    Company P: Film transfer and packaging system (newly developed equipment).Company R: Filling and wrapping system for food raw material. 

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    Kansai Head Office

    Company profile in Japanese

    Company profile in Japanese

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