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  • Abel Co., Ltd.

    We offer impressive stainless steel surface treatment that provides a beautiful appearance and durability.
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    Our company developed  stainless electrolytic coloring technology.
    For its beautiful finishing and high durability, it was applied to elevator interiors in Tokyo Skytree.  We also developed consecutive electrolytic coloring processing. We are now manufacturing black coils with no film defoliation and improved press molding efficiency.

    Product and technology information

    • Black Belt SUS black stainless steel coils

      Black Belt SUS black stainless steel coils

      [Product description] Our Black Belt SUS black stainless steel coils are new materials pre-colored using our unique coloring technology rather than plating or coating. Punching, bending, or drawing does not cause peeling, and cracking does not cause color loss. This product is a black coil with uniform color throughout the front and back, so black parts can be manufactured by progressive pressing. Surface treatment is no longer necessary for each piece after molding, so the cost is lower than for post-coloring. Processes can also be reduced. The thin film for the black color of Black Belt SUS enables the maintenance of accuracy achieved by a special press molding technology. Surface treatment after molding may allow deformation during transportation, but our coils have a low risk of deformation during transportation because their final process is machining. Our Black Belt SUS black stainless steel coil lineup is as follows: SUS304: 0.1 to 0.4 tons (max. width 300 mm), 0.1 to 0.2 tons (units of 300 kg), 0.3 tons or more (units of 500 kg).

    • Abel Black Plate

      Abel Black Plate

      [Product description] Our black stainless steel material having both durability and a good appearance can be used as a high-grade interior and exterior material for buildings and stores. Our company sells colored stainless steel materials treated with Abel Black. These materials are not subject to peeling even when bent. They can also be used flexibly for various purposes by shearing and laser cutting. Our product lineup (fixed size) is as follows: Material: SUS304 Abel Black. Surface finishing: Mirror surface, HL, and vibration. Thickness: 0.8 to 1.5. Maximum size: 1000 × 2000, 1219 × 2438, and 1219 × 3048. Thicknesses and sizes other than above are also available. Feel free to consult us.

    Company Profile

    Corporate name

    Abel Co., Ltd.

    Web address


    20,000,000 JPY (Yen)

    Number of Employees

    30 (Full-time: 30)

    Established date

    April, 1964

    Head office: Country


    Head office: Address

    1-1-42, Minamitaishidou, Yao, Osaka, 581-0056


    Manufacture of fabricated metal products


    Hideki Iai

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    Kansai Head Office

    Company profile in Japanese

    Company profile in Japanese

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